DMN Decision Modeling Video Tutorial 

Watch the video series and learn everything you need to know about Decision Model and Notation (DMN).

Video Series

From requirements diagrams to DMN decision services

In our video series we give you an introduction to the DMN standard and guide you through a tutorial from DMN basics to the successfully executed DMN decision model.

Part 1 – DMN Basics

Discover the core elements of decision model and notation by means of a simple example.

Part 2 – DMN Decision Tables

Immerse yourself in the simple definition of decision logic using a DMN decision table.

  • DMN decision tables

  • Hit policies

  • Boxed expressions

Part 3 – Testing & Executing DMN Models

Learn how to integrate, run and test DMN models with ACTICO Modeler 8.

  • Testing DMN models

  • Executing DMN Decision Services

ACTICO Modeler

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Do you know our DMN Poster and the DMN Reference Guide?

Whether beginner or expert – the DMN Poster and the DMN Reference Guide provide optimum support for your daily work with Decision Model and Notation.

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