Key Features

Manage Models with Accuracy and Confidence

ACTICO provides the tools, environments, and operational support to confidently manage models throughout their entire lifecycle — all within one central component. Given that decision modeling is a collaborative approach, accuracy and transparency needs to be ensured at all times. The ACTICO Platform offers all necessary tools that support everything you need, from versioning and collaboration to the deployment of releases to different environments and monitoring their execution.


Get more models into production by bringing scale and ease to how you deploy and govern business rules and predictive models together.

  • Automate and simplify the deployment and monitoring process so you can start using more models faster, delivering real business value with AI-infused decisioning.
  • Reuse and repurpose models from a centrally managed repository to accelerate productivity.
  • A collaborative environment helps reduce the friction between business, data science and IT.
  • Ensure governance of the AI/ML model lifecycle to mitigate risks and certify transparency of all decision models.
Model Versioning & Collaboration

A central model repository enables non-technical users and IT to safely collaborate and manage versions of models with ease whilst ensuring full traceability and auditability.

  • Collaboration of multiple people working on the same models is supported by a central model repository and also through reservation of model parts for exclusive editing.
  • A revision history of each model is saved, ensuring full transparency to who changed what, when and why.
  • Visualization of changes made, allowing to easily compare and merge rule models.
  • All changes can be pushed to an external Git server for version control.
  • Full transparency and ability to track any change in a module, release, deployment, environment, user, or user group, including permissions.
Model Repository

A built-in Git integration with easy-to-use user interface serves as a repository for managing all decisions (business rules and predictive models).

  • Benefit from all of the great features and functionality of Git as a version control system.
  • Make use of standard Git tooling to clone, checkout, commit and push changes, thereby facilitating easy integration into IT processes and tools.
  • No need to save different versions of the project at multiple locations. All versions of a project are automatically stored in a central repository along with the changes made.
  • Since you can selectively check out any version, even if a team member makes an error, you can still revise and continue development from the last working point of the project.