Fraud Prevention with Intelligent Software

The digital business world offers countless opportunities to commit fraud. Companies quickly fall victim to ever-changing fraud methods. Intelligent automation software helps prevent fraud and cut financial losses.

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Cutting Financial Losses and Reducing Costs


With innovative fraud methods being developed constantly, companies are looking for new ways to keep up. Modern fraud prevention solutions need to be able to analyze large amounts of data in real time – across multiple IT systems.


Intelligent automation software applies human knowledge and artificial intelligence to detect fraud securely at an early stage. This highly adaptable software is able to analyze and process tremendous transaction volumes and recognize even sophisticated fraud patterns.


By implementing tailor-made IT applications for fraud detection, companies increase the fraud prevention rate and reduce manual efforts to a minimum – usually to case clarification. As a result, companies avoid financial losses and reduce costs for fraud prevention.


Automated, Business-Controlled Fraud Prevention

Intelligent Fraud Detection

Financial fraud occurs in many different ways causing serious damage in the financial industry. With fraudsters constantly finding innovative ways to commit fraud, financial institutions adopt software-based pattern recognition to keep up. ACTICO Platform helps them meet this challenge: They use intelligent automation to detect fraud in a reliable way – fully controlled by the business and optimized through machine learning.

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Effective Fraud Prevention with Adaptable Software

Less Financial Losses

ACTICO Platform incorporates human knowledge and artificial intelligence to detect fraud. By combining business rules and machine learning, companies increase the fraud detection rate and reduce financial losses.

Reduced Costs

Companies can automate fraud detection to a high degree and thus, reduce costs. If the system detects a fraudulent transaction, a clarification workflow can be triggered to handle the case.

Continous Improvement

ACTICO Platform empowers fraud specialists to continuously improve the software. They can quickly change fraud detection rules and have machine learning models automatically retrained to uncover new fraud patterns as they occur.

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