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Checking Payment Data against Watchlists

The ACTICO Payment Screening software checks incoming and outgoing payments before they are posted. This involves checking payments against sanctions lists. Unusual transactions are reviewed or stopped in time. Payment Screening helps you to comply with sanctions and embargoes, avoid penalties and prevent damage to your reputation. Machine learning optimizes the cost and risk factors when detecting fuzzy matches in transaction screening. Payment Screening provides the ideal balance between effectiveness and efficiency in fuzzy matching.

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Key Features

Identify Risky Payments and Make Traceable Decisions on Their Execution

Ex-Ante Screening

Payment data is matched against sanctions lists before executing. Unobjectionable transactions are approved automatically. Suspicious payments are placed on hold and either stopped or approved after clarification.

Fuzzy Matching, Few Clarifications

Typos, scanning errors and alternative spellings may lead to deviations in names and terms. Despite this, fuzzy matching makes it possible to match against entries on sanctions lists. Machine Learning provides an algorithm that results in very few clarifications.

Fast Clarifications

The clear visual comparison makes it easy to spot and clarify abnormal transactions via an intuitive dialogue box. Workflows are also stored so that risky transactions can be efficiently processed via multi-party review.

White Listing / Exceptions

It is possible to define exceptions so that no hit is generated. This prevents unnecessary hits relating to regular payments.

External Blacklists

The application supports checks against all common sanctions lists, such as the EU list, OFAC list, Refinitiv (World Check), Dow Jones, LexisNexis and Info4c.

Internal Blacklists

Internal lists can be compiled by bank, keyword, country or in-house blacklist and included in the checks as required. They are included in the automatic screening.

Screening History

Checked transactions are documented in the screening history. Any exceptions that come up during screening are also documented in a history.

Regulatory Requirements

ACTICO Payment Screening supports the implementation of regulations to combat money laundering and financial crime through embargoes and sanctions. In the EU, for example, EU regulations 2580/2001, 881/2002, 83/2011 and additional Commission implementing regulations apply. In Switzerland, the Embargo Act and related ordinances apply. Other regulations and the recommendations of the FATF apply worldwide.


Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Powerful Standard

With the ACTICO Payment Screening, you have all the benefits of industry-proven standard software. The latest external sanctions lists can be imported via configurable standard interfaces. Configurable standard algorithms check the payments against the sanctions lists.

Flexible and Adjustable

Payment Screening by ACTICO can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. You can generate additional monitoring via the internal blacklists and use configurations and ACTICO Machine Learning to optimize the screening.

Total Compliance

ACTICO Payment Screening helps financial institutions to comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to payments, including EU and Swiss regulations and FATF global standards.

The ACTICO Approach

Make transaction screening more efficient through machine learning.

Improved Fuzzy Matching

ACTICO optimizes the fuzzy matching of transaction screening with the use of machine learning. It detects more true positives and flags up very few false positives. This results in the perfect balance between cost and risk.

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Simple Application

ACTICO offers a simple and flexible way to automate decision-making processes in compliance. ACTICO Payment Screening has a fine-grained configuration for generating hits, which allows checks to be precisely adjusted to meet different requirements. This reduces the workload and allows a risk-based approach.

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Compliance Suite

ACTICO Payment Screening is part of ACTICO Compliance Solutions, powerful software for Compliance & Financial Crime Management.

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