Whether you’re an ACTICO first-timer or just keen to brush up existing ACTICO skills: Experience within the ACTICO Academy our wide range of courses and certifications and discover how to use ACTICO solutions in the best and fastest way. And with full control of progress at all times, thanks to our self-learning concept with hands-on, self-paced training options.

We have created the ACTICO Academy first and foremost, to provide our customers, prospects, and partners with flexible learning, whenever and wherever they like, with comprehensive and learner-friendly courses.

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Our in-depth product and technology training will give you and your team all the skills and insights you need to leverage the ACTICO solutions to optimal effect.

Our courses are targeted at specific audiences in business or IT departments. They offer you the fastest and easiest way to develop, configure, deploy, operate and support your ACTICO solutions.

Enroll today, improve those application skills and unleash the full potential of your ACTICO solutions!

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"I am delighted that we are increasing the benefits of our software solutions for our customers and partners with this offer, thereby enabling them to achieve even greater efficiency and expertise in ACTICO products."

Hans-Jürgen Rieder


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Business User

“I’m in the Business department helping to start an ACTICO project. I want to know how I can put my business experience into rules but I won’t configure the technical integrations or build complex calculations.”

Roles: Business Domain Experts, Subject Matter Experts, Business Engineers, QA Testing

Recommended course: ACTICO Platform – Rules Business Modeling

IT User

“I’m in the IT department and want to become an ACTICO Platform Developer. I have a technical background and low-code is the right approach for me.”

Roles: Developers, Integrators, Data Engineers, Data Analyst, Internal Technical Support, Operations

Recommended courses: ACTICO Platform – Rules Business Modeling and Technical Modeling – get the Bundle here!


“I will maintain the ACTICO Rules models and infrastructure components. I will monitor the health of the system and support the system”

Roles: Business Administrators, System Administrators, Operations

Recommended courses: ACTICO Platform – Administration 

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ACTICO Platform – Rules Business Modeling

In this training class, you will gain an understanding of the underlying motivation, key ideas, and fundamental concepts that form the basis of the ACTICO Modeler. By the end of the class, you will possess a high-level comprehension of the ACTICO Platform’s components and essential modeling concepts required to create and manage automated decision-making applications. This class is designed for everyone who is interested in the building blocks of the ACTICO Platform.

Prerequisites: none
Delivery: Self-Learning
Audience: for users who are new to ACTICO
Language: English
Duration: approx. 5-6 hours, self-paced
Content: 7 Courses with 17 Units in total
Designed for: Business Analysts, Domain Specialists, and Subject Matter Experts, but also for Developers, Data Scientists, and Solution Architects

Fee: 699€ / User

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ACTICO Platform – Rules Technical Modeling

This training class starts with the basics of data structures, performs essential actions in ACTICO Modeler, and applies them to real-world scenarios. Also, Developers learn how to extend the capabilities of the ACTICO Platform and customize their rule-based applications. By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how to structure rule models and the dependencies between projects in ACTICO Platform. The participants will have a solid understanding of how to create scalable and maintainable rule models.

Prerequisites: Business Modeling class completed
Delivery: Self-learning
Audience: for users who are new to ACTICO
Language: English
Duration: approx. 6-7 hours, self-paced
Content: 6 courses with 16 units in total
Designed for: Developers, Data Scientists, Solution Architects

Fee: 799€ / User

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ACTICO Platform – Rules Training Bundle

This training combines “Business Modeling” and “Technical Modeling” to provide participants with a holistic understanding of the ACTICO Platform. Learn essential concepts, components, and modeling techniques to create and manage automated decision-making applications. Understand project dependencies, structure rule models, and create scalable, maintainable applications. Develop proficiency in both business and technical modeling approaches, empowering you to build robust applications using the ACTICO Platform. Suitable for all interested in leveraging the platform’s capabilities.

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ACTICO Platform – Administration

By the end of this training class you will understand the fundamentals of the ACTICO Model Hub as the central component for the management of rule models throughout their entire lifecycle, from design to production. You will develop skills to orchestrate seamless deployments and optimize environments. Also, Administrators will gain essential knowledge how to safeguard user data, maintain system integrity and how to manage Machine Learning Models. This class is aimed at system administration related functions who are interested in how the ACTICO Platform is technically managed.

Prerequisites: Administrative knowledge of managing application environments
Delivery: Self-learning
Audience: for users who are new to ACTICO
Language: English
Duration: approx. 3-4 hours, self-paced
Content: 4 courses with 9 units in total
Designed for: System Administrators, Business Administrators, Operations

Fee: 399€ / User

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Requirement for all ACTICO Platform courses: You must install your own ACTICO Modeler locally installation to complete the classes/courses!

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What learning content is covered in the ACTICO Academy?

We provide courses for creating, enhancing, maintaining and administering rule models in the ACTICO Platform. Further courses are up to follow in the near future. This is just the beginning!

What prerequisites do I need to start the ACTICO Rules Training?

There is no specific knowledge needed to start the Training. A basic understanding of Rule logic (if..then..else) and Microsoft Excel basics
will help to start the Business Modeling Training.

How will I get started with ACTICO Rules Training?

  1. Please register for your course(s) of choice on the ACTICO Homepage
  2. You will receive access credentials for the ACTICO Academy to login
  3. You will find further information (e.g. ACTICO Modeler installation) in your Account Area in ACTICO Academy.

Then you are good to get started with your ACTICO Rules Training Journey

How is the learning content structured in ACTICO Academy?

ACTICO Academy has a few simple elements designed to maximize your learning: Courses, Units, Unit Demos and Course Exercises. It all adds up to better training and practical skills for everyone.

Courses are learning paths that cover a specific learning goal. They typically contain Units, Unit Demos, and a Course Exercise. Complete all content within a Module to enter the next one.

Units are a series of topics that include text, images, videos and interactive experiences. You will learn what features to use, when and why you should use them, and how to apply the technology correctly. Unit quizzes ensure you have absorbed the material.

Unit Demos are hands-on exercises performed in the technology that allow you to practice the knowledge gained from the Units. They are very prescriptive so you will have precise direction at every task.

Course Exercises are hands-on exercises found at the end of a Courses. They combine all the concepts covered in that specific Course, and are far less prescriptive than Unit Demos

I have been through ACTICO Rules training already. Is the ACTICO Academy of any value for me?

The trainings are intended to give users, who are new to ACTICO, a fast start. But also experienced users can benefit from a particular course as a refresher, because each course is carefully curated and structured to provide a balanced blend of theory and practical exercises, ensuring that you gain a solid understanding of the topic at hand.

Can I complete my selected course asynchronously (self-paced)?

Yes, definitely – each course is a complete set of Units and can be completed at the pace of the student.

Must I complete the ACTICO Rules Training Courses all at once?

No, each course is a complete set of Units and can be completed at the pace of the student. But the courses are completed linearly, so students must successfully complete the preceding course before attending the next courses.

How do I access assistance while going through the self-paced content?

We will host Training Q&A sessions periodically to discuss and solve specific Training questions. Timely relevant questions can be submitted via email to academy@actico.com and we will answer as soon as possible.