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ACTICO is a leading international provider of software for intelligent automation and digital decisioning. The company provides best-in-class software and tools used across multiple industries enhancing day-to-day decision-making and end-to-end automation.

Used to manage risks, fulfill regulatory compliance obligations, prevent fraud, enhance digital customer engagement and optimize operations, ACTICO solutions combine human knowledge and artificial intelligence with powerful automation technology. The adaptive, cloud-architected software helps companies to gain agility, achieve business excellence and attain higher customer satisfaction.

With more than 20 years of experience delivering to organizations globally, ACTICO has a proven ability to handle large volume of data and build reliable, robust and scalable applications. ACTICO technology is used directly by companies on almost all continents, ranging from small/mid-size to Fortune 500 companies. Our team operates through fully owned subsidiaries in North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

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Meet ACTICO's Senior Executives

Hans Jürgen Rieder

Chief Executive Officer

At the ACTICO helm is CEO Hans Jürgen Rieder. His goal: to help this medium-sized RegTech company from Lake Constance progress as a world-class solution provider meeting the needs of global banks, insurers and financial service providers. A quest on which this business graduate combines managerial expertise, a passion for technology and an impressive range of finance experience too, having worked at Société Générale and advised at PwC. He also held leading positions at SAP AG for several years, including most recently the post of Senior Vice President Global IT – Application Services. Similarly, his remit as Vice President of Group Head Applications at ABB Ltd. included overseeing all global applications. Hans Jürgen Rieder was also Group CTO at UBS AG before taking the top job as ACTICO CEO in January 2020.

Christine Moosherr

General Manager and Head of Credit Risk Solutions

Christine Moosherr, whose career got underway back in 1998 in the start-up domain, has overseen project management in ACTICO’s Finance division ever since joining the company. And even way back then, her focus lay on forward-looking technologies: multimedia, data mining and software solutions for agile distributed systems. Along the way came development and consulting positions as well as roles managing system and software projects, before she was tasked with heading Professional Services and Projects at ACTICO, then Bosch Software Innovations, in 2002. A qualified computer scientist and business lawyer, Christine has been Managing Director of ACTICO since 2015 and from the start of 2022, was asked to lead the Credit Solutions division.

Thomas Knöpfler

General Manager and Head of Compliance Solutions

Thomas Knöpfler oversees strategy for the Compliance Business unit at ACTICO. After graduating in business administration, his first career steps were taken in an international consulting firm and then, as now, he strove to optimise how specialist departments and IT cooperated by leveraging technical solutions. After coming on board at ACTICO – then Bosch Software Innovations – he was tasked with marketing and selling software solutions for banks, financial service providers and insurance companies. Since 2015, he has been Managing Director and since March 2022, Head of Compliance Solutions at ACTICO GmbH.

Thomas Meyer

General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer

For Thomas Meyer, work means keeping ACTICO earnings on an even keel – by managing sales and marketing, for example. And this professional has proven his worth multiple times in this field for SaaS, cloud and financial services companies – including Salesforce, IPSoft and Tableau in financial services to name but a few. After graduating with business administration, he familiarised himself with the software industry in various roles at IBM Germany, most recent of which Global SW Management. Team spirit and trust come first for him when helping others advance to jointly agreed goals, as amply reflected by a great track record with clients and as a football coach and manager. Since March 2022, he has applied his exceptional insights to ACTICO as Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer.

Thomas Meyer is Chief Revenue Officer at Actico

Marion Graefe

Head of Finance

As Head of Finance at ACTICO, Marion Graefe has the job of managing the finances of this RegTech company, which serves the financial sector itself. And she has all the skills and experience needed, with over a quarter-century of expertise as a specialist and manager in the IT and financial services industry, handling finance, financial services and IT. Before coming on board at ACTICO, the work scope for this business administration graduate was wide, including CFO for the finance division of SAP Steeb Anwendungssysteme. At FWU AG in Munich, she headed the Group Accounting and Controlling department for several years and was then CFO Europe at Movilitas Group. Marion Graefe has been ACTICO’s Head of Finance since October 2020.

Marion Graefe is Head of Finance at Actico

Stefanie Hertkorn

Head of Human Resources

Stefanie Hertkorn, qualified in business administration, leads our HR and admin team at ACTICO after years spent honing her expertise in the field as HR Business Partner with the ZF Group und LBBW Immobilien Management GmbH. Stefanie and her team provide solid support to all ACTICO colleagues, even before they start work with the company and on an ongoing basis via professional development, even long after the induction phase. A certified process consultant and coach for change management and mediation, she ceaselessly strives to grow and improve to master her remit – the benefit of which is felt throughout the ACTICO team. Stefanie Hertkorn has been Head of HR at ACTICO since July 2017.

Volker Großmann

Chief Technology Officer

Volker Großmann has been entrusted with product development, software architecture and technology strategy at ACTICO right from day one. Ever since the company was founded, the computer scientist has been one of its leading lights and a key pillar shaping progress to date. A visionary and tech enthusiast, he proactively paves the way for technical progress and rolling out systems to make life easier for corporate clients. And it was under his guidance that the heart of the ACTICO software came into being – namely the “ACTICO Platform” system to manage business rules. Volker Großmann has been ACTICO CTO since November 2015.

Stefan Opferkuch

General Manager Americas Region

Stefan Opferkuch manages ACTICO’s business in North and South America and played a key role in setting up the Chicago location. A computer science graduate, he came on board at ACTICO in 2008, when it was still known as Innovations Softwaretechnologie GmbH, after experience which included working as a software consultant at SE-RT, with clients including nCelesio AG, Bosch, IBM and the Sparkassenverband Baden-Württemberg. But academia is where his career first got underway – after studying, Stefan Opferkuch engaged in research at Stuttgart University’s Institute for Software Technology. Stefan Opferkuch has been General Manager of ACTICO Corp. in Chicago since November 2015.