Model Business Rules and Stop Coding

Business rules are the low-code solution for rules-based automation without coding. ACTICO Platform enables business and IT users to graphically define, test, and change business rules quickly and without coding – taking business agility to the next level.

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Why Business Rules?

Faster Development & Greater Business Agility

In many companies, rules-based business logic is hard-wired in rigid application code. The result is: opaque processes, a lack of flexibility and high change costs for IT. ACTICO Platform allows organizations to decouple business logic from processes and applications. Business and IT users can capture their business logic in graphical rule models and decision tables, store them centrally and implement them independent of IT release cycles.

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How it works

A Visual Approach to Simplify Change

Business Rules without Coding

ACTICO Platform offers an intuitive, graphical approach to modeling and maintaining business rules. Business analysts and subject matter experts can use the drag-&-drop editor to author all kinds of rules-based business logic without programming skills. The integrated test editor, execution statistics and the simulation capabilities help to ensure quality results. Once they are finished, users can generate the documentation at the click of a button.

Rapid Deployments

Business rules are managed in a central repository. This is where business rule versions are stored, governed and deployed to any environment. The repository greatly simplifies the organization, management and reuse of business rules in a secure way. It enables rapid deployments without the need for IT support or waiting for the next IT release.

Powerful Business Rules Engine

ACTICO Platform provides a high-performance business rules engine for the automated execution of business rules. It can be seamlessly integrated into a broad range of IT architectures – optionally as a service, through direct application integration or via batch processing. All rule executions are logged and can be traced in an audit-proof manner.

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Meet the Ever-Changing Demands of Your Business

Business Agility

The business rules approach increases agility and flexibility by decoupling business logic from processes and applications. Business users can create rules visually and change them at any time independent of IT release cycles.

Greater Control

Business rules provide total control over decisions and their resulting actions. Decision-making is made more transparent and hence more comprehensible. Centralized business rules management and the reusability of rule services ensure consistency at every stage in the decision-making process.

Instant Actions

Business rules make it possible for human expert knowledge to be applied to digital business processes. Rule-based decisions are automated and can be immediately translated into action – whether as part of risk assessments, compliance checks or product recommendations.

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A central business rules engine takes agility and consistency to a new level.


Success Stories

Our customers have completed hundreds of successful projects based on our business rules technology. Let us share share some of the stories with you.

Personalized Digital Customer Communication

ING Germany focuses on digital customer communication in real time. The largest direct bank in Europe uses ACTICO’s Java business rules engine to empower its business departments and meet its demanding performance requirements.

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Flexibility in Automated Credit Decisioning

At TeamBank, long waits for credit decisions are a thing of the past. With easyCredit, the bank relies on automated credit scoring and ratings, which can be changed in no time at all with ACTICO’s business rules technology.

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Multi-Channel Pricing System at ASSU 2000 Insurance

Display pricing models in all sales channels, strengthen competitive position, and accelerate time to market.

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