Risk Assessment in the KYC Process

CDD/KYC Management in Banks and Insurances

ACTICO KYC digitizes and automates the KYC process as part of the onboarding process. ACTICO KYC’s IT-supported decision-making includes carrying out risk assessments of new and existing customers. The KYC profile makes it possible to identify customers, establish the beneficial owner and clarify the economic and financial background to the business relationship.

  • Implementing the Know Your Customer principle to meet due diligence obligations
  • Continuous monitoring of KYC profiles and risks to meet customer due diligence requirements

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Key Features

Functions for Know Your Customer

KYC Profiling

All necessary customer information is stored, updated and managed in the electronic KYC profile. It includes information on the business relationship and beneficial owner.

Documenting the Beneficial Owner

Beneficial owners of legal entities can be documented in ACTICO KYC. It also makes it possible to establish relationships between entities.

Risk Classification

Risk classifications can be carried out during the initial account-opening process and also used for continuous monitoring and updating of all customer ratings.

Sanctions and PEP Screening

New and existing customers are checked against sanctions and PEP lists. PEPs are treated with extreme care.

KYC Management

ACTICO KYC supports the re-evaluation of customer risk based on KYC data.

Integrated Checks in the Onboarding Process

ACTICO KYC provides interfaces to allow the checks to be integrated into the on-boarding process.


Digitize KYC

Machine Learning

Increase digitization and efficiency through machine learning


Targeted checks thanks to the system’s standard rules, which can be adapted as necessary

Compliance Solutions

ACTICO Compliance Solutions – powerful software for compliance and fraud management

Machine Learning

ACTICO’s Machine Learning module brings together the expertise of compliance managers as reflected in rules and the empirical knowledge that is gained from data. ACTICO Machine Learning is a module in the Compliance Suite and can be used with KYC.

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Monitoring and risk classification are based on transparent rules that are stored in the system. The rules can be redefined and adapted to respond instantly to changes. This is made possible by its flexible architecture, which allows standard rules to be adapted and supplemented by specific thresholds and individual guidelines.

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Compliance Suite

ACTICO Compliance Solutions is a powerful software for compliance and fraud management. All the relevant information comes together in this single application, which handles all necessary tasks, such as clarifying hits, storing documents and producing regular reports.

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Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Powerful Standard Software

With ACTICO KYC, you have all the benefits of industry-proven standard software.

Flexible and Adjustable

ACTICO KYC can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. Its services can be integrated into your onboarding processes.

Total Compliance

ACTICO KYC helps you to meet your customer due diligence obligations.

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