Decision Management with the ACTICO Platform

Companies make millions of operational decisions daily and quality of these decisions drive profitability and growth. With ACTICO Platform, companies can implement flexible software solutions that automate decision making or support human decision-making based on intelligent technologies.

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Why Decision Management?

Mastering Operational Decision-Making

Operational decisions form the basis for all business processes. They evaluate risks, predict buying behavior, calculate prices or control business processes. They are frequently recurring and can be easily structured, but may also require an individual clarification on a case-by-case basis. With ACTICO Platform, companies can implement powerful, flexible decision management applications.


Holistic Decision Management Platform

ACTICO Platform supports the entire decision management lifecycle: from decision modeling and automation to workflow-based decision making.


Intelligent Decisions for Real-Time Actions

Next Best Actions

Decision Management connects rules-based and AI-powered approaches to decision making. This allows companies to implement individual, intelligent solutions that automatically determine the next best action in every business situation.

Single Point of Truth

With the centralized decision management approach, companies can realize a "Single Point of Truth". This is where decisions are managed, improved and made available as reusable decision services consistently to all decision-consuming IT systems.

Greater Business Agility

Decision management decouples operational decisions from processes and applications. This means that changes in decision making are possible in the twinkling of an eye – without coding, independent of IT release cycles and also without IT support.

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Success Stories

Our customers have built and implemented many applications based on our decision management software.

Decision Management for Customer Communication

ING Germany relies on decision management to realize a digital customer communication in real time. ACTICO Platform empowers marketing experts while meeting highest performance needs.

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Decision Management for Loan Origination

Today’s banks realize immediate lending decisions on the basis of decision management software. TeamBank relies on ACTICO’s rule-based, intuitive approach to ensure high flexibility and drive automation.

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Multi-Channel Pricing System at ASSU 2000 Insurance

Display pricing models in all sales channels, strengthen competitive position, and accelerate time to market.

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