Execute Models Anywhere

Execute decisions where they are needed with a high-performance and scalable execution engine that can be seamlessly integrated in various environments.

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Key Features

The Foundation for Successful Decision Automation

Successful digital transformation requires an open and state-of-the-art high-performance runtime environment. It should provide optimal scalability, reliability and security. ACTICO guarantees this through the consistent use of industry standards and modern software architecture. It also ensures full traceability to ensure audit-proof logs and statistics of all executions.

High Performance Model Execution

Whether performing a single decision or millions, our decision engines featuring parallel code execution and built-in low-latency web stack maximizes throughput and high scalability.

  • Execution speed through code generation and execution without the need for remote model calls
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability and high availability
  • One-click deployments of models and roll-backs without downtime
  • Simultaneous hosting of multiple model versions (dynamic routing, e.g. for champion/challenger)
  • Stateless architecture allows scaling across multiple engines with elastic load-balancing (e.g. in Kubernetes)
Decision Services

ACTICO allows for seamless decision execution in near real-time. All decisions can be easily called from your application as web services.

  • REST JSON/XML and SOAP APIs for centralized decision services
  • Low latency web stack for thousands of decisions per second
  • Multiple simultaneous model versions incl. API versioning
Decision Integration

The Java-based execution engine accelerates decisioning by enabling customers to run natively in their environment (in-process automated decisioning within Java applications).

  • Lightweight execution engine for models
  • Integration via native Java API allows to directly embed decisions into Java applications
  • Dynamic update of models from a central repository, without the need to rebuild or restart the application using it
  • Optimized memory footprint to simultaneously handle many large models
Batch Execution via Command Line Interface
  • Command line interface for batch execution of decision models
  • Processes JSON payloads from the file system
  • Supports parallel execution
  • Uses a high-performance execution engine for models with dynamic model update
Full Traceability of all Executions

ACTICO Platform is not a “black-box” when it comes to decisions. You can reproduce every decision made, even after years.

  • Visualization of the full execution path within the graphical models
  • Dependency graph of all contributing models and versions
  • Explanations of individual machine learning predictions
  • Trace data can also be published to external systems (e.g. Kafka)