Technology & Solution Partner

The Opportunity

Participate in a large and growing market for digital decisioning services by integrating our award-winning and analyst vetted business rules engine (BRE) with your existing solutions to:

  • Create new revenue streams for your business
  • Generate additional offerings for your existing clients
  • Build your own Intellectual Property and sell that to expand your reach

What you get

Low-code back-end development

Our market leading BRE allows fast go-to-market of your solutions and ensures ease of change management on an ongoing basis.

Proven & market-leading technology stack

Recognized and frequently quoted by Gartner and Forrester, our platform is used by 130+ organizations globally, primarily banks and financial institutions.

Scalability & Reliability

Used in mission critical applications globally in 25+ countries, our technology holds its own against the highest technical standards.

Benefits for you

Go-to-Market support

ACTICO believes in long term partnerships and hence, we extend our marketing & pre-sales resources to help you succeed in your venture / solution launch.

Training & certifications

As a Technology & Solution Partner, your team gets access to ACTICO Academy resources, thus helping you get the most out of our platform capabilities.

Flexible commercial models

We adapt our commercial model to your solution’s pricing methodology to ensure alignment and a win-win for all stakeholders.

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