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What makes us special? At ACTICO, we all share a passion for innovative software solutions and technologies. Collaboration and team spirit are our top priorities. Our clients all over the world appreciate the many years of experience that we bring to the table, along with our solution-oriented approach and capacity for innovation. These are just three of the factors that fuel our company’s growth and ongoing development. Join us on our journey.

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Our employees are the best people to tell you what it is really like to work at ACTICO. Find out more about the world of ACTICO and why we enjoy working here.

Kavita Bansal
Team Lead Professional Services


Learn from Kavita what it means to help our clients to develop and roll out ACTICO applications in their companies.

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We value and promote diversity in the world of work

We live in a world full of diversity. That is why ACTICO actively promotes an appreciative and open corporate culture. The more diverse our colleagues are, the better we are as a company. That’s why we welcome people of all backgrounds, religions and physical abilities, as well as of all ages, genders and sexual identities.


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