How to Create an Outstanding Customer Experience

What are the challenges and how can businesses succeed with the help of new technologies?

1. The Rising Tide of Consumer Expectations

Digital transformation has significantly changed consumer expectations. Technology has reinvented the way how customers interact with businesses.

  • Focus on Personalization
  • New Technologies
  • Data-Intensive Processes

Learn more about how to raise the customer experience bar in the digital age in our whitepaper.

2. How to Improve the Customer Experience

Businesses should analyze and evaluate their digital customer touch points: Which of them are most relevant and how can they be improved, that means digitalized, personalized and made faster.

Learn more about how AI can transform Customer Experience in our On-Demand Webinar.

3. How Companies Benefit from Customer Experience Improvements

Some examples how companies have improved their customer experience and saw measurable results with a fast ROI.

  • 65 % more effective banner advertisements
  • Price adjustments on a weekly basis
    Read more about this in the ASSU 2000 Success Story
  • Immediate responses to credit applications
    Read more about this in the Teambank Success Story
  • Needs-based customer communication in real-time
    Read more about this in the ING Success Story
4. Optimizing Customer Experiences with ACTICO

ACTICO is the only AI-powered decision management platform which combines intelligent automation with complete auditability: smart, effective, compliant.

  • 2 x Faster Time to Market
  • 10 x Less Effort for Adaptions
  • Always 100 % Compliance

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