About DMI Finance

DMI Finance, founded in 2008 by Shivashish Chatterjee and Yuvraj C. Singh, is a tech-driven credit solutions provider. DMI Finance is a pure-play digital retail lender with products including consumption, personal and MSME loans. It leverages technology to optimize every step in the lending stack, from sales and underwriting through to customer service and collections. It offers paperless lending solutions and quick loan processing, aiming to redefine consumer & housing finance, and corporate lending with pioneering models.

DMI Finance is an embedded digital finance partner of choice for leading businesses including Samsung, Google Pay and Airtel which work with DMI Finance to provide diverse financial products to their customers across India.

Headquartered in Delhi, DMI Finance is supported by global institutional investors and strategic partners. With millions of satisfied customers, DMI Finance is rated AA by ICRA.

DMI Finance has solidified its standing as a fintech force to be reckoned with, securing a transformative $400 million equity investment in April 2023. This latest capital injection builds upon the company’s previous $230 million raise in January 2019, which fuelled the expansion of its retail lending operations. With a total of $800 million raised across 6 funding rounds, DMI Finance has firmly cemented its status as a heavyweight in the digital lending space.



For years, DMI Finance Private Limited and ACTICO have stood shoulder-to-shoulder, forging an unbreakable bond through their shared commitment to innovation and excellence. This long-standing collaboration has grown into a truly remarkable success story – one that continues to evolve and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

At the heart of this dynamic partnership lies a mutual respect and unwavering trust that has only grown stronger with time. DMI Finance’s confidence in ACTICO’s cutting-edge platform has empowered them to drive transformative automation in their retail lending operations, unlocking unprecedented growth and success.

The results speak for themselves. With the ACTICO Platform powering their business, DMI has achieved staggering growth rates, solidifying their position as an industry leader. But this is merely the beginning – both companies are eager to build upon this foundation, combining their expertise and vision to pioneer new frontiers.

This is a partnership built for the future, a great example of what can be accomplished when two organizations align their passions and complement each other’s strengths. As DMI Finance and ACTICO continue their journey together, the only limit is their collective imagination.

Innovative Business Model

“Digital-Only” Marketplace Lending

DMI’s digital consumer lending business operates on a unique B2B2C model, setting it apart from other players in the market who often manage the entire lending lifecycle. In the words of Shivashish Chatterjee, Co-Founder at DMI, “In this modern world of hyper-connectivity, hyper-awareness and super specialization, it is getting harder to be everything to everybody. That is why we have decided to concentrate on our core strength of digital credit underwriting.

By leveraging its network of over multiple strategic partners, DMI effectively harnesses the power of digital to streamline crucial aspects of the customer journey – from marketing and client onboarding to delivering an exceptional user experience. This laser-sharp focus on their core lending expertise, combined with a best-in-class partner ecosystem, enables DMI to deliver unparalleled value to both customers and business clients.

This digital-only, platform-centric approach powered by the ACTICO Platform has been a driving force behind DMI’s remarkable growth and success in the highly competitive marketplace lending landscape. As the company continues to push the boundaries of innovation, its pioneering model serves as a blueprint for the future of the industry.


Speed of Credit Decisioning as a Key Differentiating Factor

DMI is exceptionally focused on making the best credit decisions in the least amount of time. To meet its aggressive targets for real-time decisioning, DMI was seeking a technology partner that could help achieve this goal.


  • Real-time and automated decisioning, including credit Decisions, loan disbursal and collections.
  • Adopt an auto-scalable platform to meet fast business growth.
  • Support by an agile and modifiable platform

Technology-Enabled Digital Transformation

“Being a digital lender, our growth is entirely dependent on the technology we choose,” as per Saurabh Nigam, Chief Technology Officer at DMI Finance. To achieve their objective of real-time decisioning, DMI implemented the ACTICO Platform, a leading software solution for automating operational decisions across a variety of industries.

The platform’s graphical modelling interface enables faster application development and swift change management cycles. In addition, the ACTICO Platform facilitates better Business and IT alignment, helping to minimize communication loops and reduce organizational friction.

“The ACTICO Platform has been instrumental in empowering us to make credit decisions in mere seconds,” continued Nigam. “This lightning-fast decisioning is a game-changer in the highly competitive digital lending space, giving us a distinct competitive edge.”

By leveraging the power of the ACTICO Platform, DMI has been able to scale its operations with agility and responsiveness, positioning the company for continued growth and success in the rapidly evolving digital finance landscape.


Focusing on business value & volumes

7 x

Business growth

> 1200

Exceeding a throughput of 1200 Transactions Per Second (TPS) using ACTICO


loan applications processed per month


Seven-Fold Increase in Business Volumes

Using the ACTICO Platform, DMI Finance effortlessly handles millions of loan applications monthly, with an impressive 95% undergoing rapid decision-making within seconds. Remarkably, this level of scalability and efficiency is achieved with a very lean team. DMI Finance is exploring advanced machine learning techniques to sustain this remarkable growth trajectory without significant workforce expansion.

DMI Finance’s adoption of the ACTICO Platform represents a paradigm shift in digital lending. Their continuous processing of loans highlights the platform’s efficacy in revolutionizing financial services. This success story underscores the indispensable role of innovative technology and strategic partnerships in driving exceptional efficiency and innovation within the industry

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