About DMI Finance

DMI Finance is a fast growth financial services company in India that provides consumer loans, home loans and corporate finance services. In January 2019, it raised $230 million in equity funding to grow its retail lending business.

With ACTICO Platform, DMI was able to drive automation in retail lending and achieve an outstanding business growth rate. Watch the video and let DMI Finance tell their success story.

Innovative Business Model

“Digital-Only” Marketplace Lending

DMI digital consumer lending is a B2B business. This is very different from other players in the market, who manage the entire lending lifecycle. In words of Shivashish Chatterjee, Co-Founder at DMI, “In this modern world of hyper connectivity, hyper awareness and super specialization, it is getting harder to be everything to everybody. That is why we have decided to concentrate on our core strength of credit decisioning.” DMI relies on its network of 40+ partners to manage the remaining aspects of the customer journey such as marketing, client onboarding and user experience


Speed of Credit Decisioning as a Key Differentiating Factor

DMI aspires to make the best credit decision in the least amount of time and it wants to be focused entirely on that aspect. To meet the aggressive target of making real time decisions, DMI was looking for a technology partner to achieve the same.


  • Real-time and automated decisioning, including Credit decisions, loan disbursals and collections
  • Adopt a scalable platform to meet fast business growth
  • Agility and ease of change management

Technology-Enabled Digital Transformation

“Being a digital lender, our growth is entirely dependent on the technology we choose”, as per Saurabh Nigam, Chief Technology Officer at DMI Finance. In order to achieve the objective of decisioning in less than 60 seconds, DMI implemented ACTICO Platform, a leading software to automate operational decisions for a variety of businesses.

The graphical modeling interface allows for faster application development and swift change management cycles. In addition, the platform also allows for better business-IT alignment that helps minimize communication loops and reduces organizational friction.


Focusing on business value

7 x

Business growth

< 60

seconds for a loan decision


loan applications processed per month


Seven-Fold Increase in Business Volumes

After implementing ACTICO Platform, the consumer business processes 700,000-800,000 loan applications per month, 95% of which are decisioned in less than 60 seconds. Of the 150,000-200,000 loans approved monthly, north of 80% are disbursed within hours. This scale and efficiency is achieved with a small team of less than 50 people. DMI Finance is currently considering advanced machine learning techniques to sustain this growth rate without making meaningful additions to their team.

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