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ING Germany is a subsidiary of the ING Group, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. ING Germany is the largest direct bank in Europe by the number of customers (~ 9.5 million). In 2019, the bank reported total assets of 176 billion Euro and had around 5,200 employees.

Added value in customer communication

Digital Transformation as a Trigger

Digital transformation has greatly changed communication between customers and companies. Instead of static mass communication, customers want timely updates, based on their specific needs and situation. Be it for product information or services, customers expect the digital channels to provide the same level of customization as is available with their trusted bank advisors. From a technical perspective, this was a challenge for which Florian Stollenwerk, product owner at ING, had a solution.


Communication in Online Banking

Relevant communication is the cornerstone of effective customer engagement. All offers and services conveyed to the customer through digital channels should be relevant and individual-specific. This requires the complex task of assimilating user data from a variety of internal systems, which are as widespread as they are heterogeneous.


  • Relevant digital customer communication in real-time
  • Optimization of internet banking collateral using automated information
  • Enhanced collaboration between business department and IT

Predictive Analytics, Big Data & Business Rules

ING opted for a combination of predictive analytics, big data and business rules management to implement the customer next best action requirements. Predictive analytics ensure the selection of the correct database, big data enables the processing and use of large amounts of data in real time, and business rules management selects and controls optimal content.

  • ACTICO Rules controls the communication measure displayed to the customer
  • The customer base is preselected in order to take age restrictions, communication preferences and customer product affinities into account.
  • If a customer logs in to online banking, this information is evaluated in runtime on the basis of the pre-defined rules in the BRMS. This automatically determines the most relevant content for the customer at that time.

Collaboration Between Business and Technology Functions

In addition to high technical capability, business expertise (e.g. to determine relevant content for customers) was essential for the objectives to be met. The graphical approach of the ACTICO Platform empowered the business experts to create and maintain business logic or rules, thus enabling a better alignment between technology and business departments.

ACTICO Platform in use at ING

With its digitization strategy, ING is responding to the needs of its customers and at the same time, gaining agility.

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