Money Laundering Detection System

ACTICO MLDS recognizes unusual behavior patterns and detects money laundering anomalies in payment transactions.

In addition to monitoring financial transactions, ACTICO MLDS helps you to carry out the obligatory risk assessment of customer relationships and Know Your Customer profiling. In conjunction with automated monitoring, our sophisticated analysis tools support your own risk analysis procedures.

  • ACTICO MLDS is your one-stop software solution to meeting your legal obligations with regard to money laundering
  • Industry-proven rule sets: ACTICO AML software provides a standard set of money laundering indicators that can be customized to your specific requirements.

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Key Features

Detection of Suspicious Activities Related to Money Laundering

KYC Profiling

Relevant customer data is managed in the Know Your Customer profile. This includes personal data and information on the origin of assets and use of funds.

Risk Classification

Combined with other customer and transaction data, the KYC profile automatically generates a risk rating for the customer relationship. This is based on standard rules that can be adapted as required.

Country, Sector and Product Risks

The systems stores classifications of countries, sectors and products and uses them to rate the risk involved in customer relationships.

Transaction Monitoring

The system analyzes risk related to payments and business transactions based on client data and the KYC profile. It recognizes and flags up unusual transactions for further clarification.


ACTICO MLDS supports your clarification process with comprehensive case management and workflow procedures. In critical cases, this involves review by more than one party.


Reporting is made easy thanks to the wide range of reporting tools offered by the ACTICO AML software. The standard system includes numerous reports, and additional reports can be configured.


Effectively combat money laundering via machine learning and standard rules that can be adapted to specific requirements.

Machine Learning

Use machine learning to detect new money laundering scenarios and unusual transactions

Standard Rules that Are Easy to Customize

Detect money laundering using standard rules that you can adapt to your needs

Compliance Suite

ACTICO Compliance Suite – powerful software for compliance and fraud management

Machine Learning: The digital compliance advantage

Machine learning is able to recognize previously undetected patterns. It makes it possible to recognize known patterns with greater precision and avoids the need to clarify false positives. ACTICO’s Machine Learning module brings together the expertise of compliance managers as reflected in rules and the empirical knowledge that is gained from data. As a component of the ACTICO Compliance Suite, ACTICO Machine Learning integrates seamlessly with the other functional modules.

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Standard Rules that Are Easy to Customize

Monitoring is based on transparent rules that are stored in the system. ACTICO AML software offers a set of standard scenarios that can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements. ACTICO MLDS covers all relevant statutory requirements plus regulations that are specific to your particular institution. This is made possible by its flexible architecture, which allows you to adapt standard rules as necessary and supplement them with your own specific guidelines. ACTICO Rules is available as a CAP (Compliance Agility Package) module within the Compliance Suite and as such integrates seamlessly into the other functional modules.

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Compliance Suite: software for compliance management and fraud detection

ACTICO Compliance Suite is a powerful software for compliance management and fraud detection. All the relevant information comes together in this single application, which handles all necessary tasks, such as clarifying hits, storing documents and producing regular reports.

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Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Powerful AML Standard Software

With ACTICO MLDS, you have all the benefits of industry-proven standard software. Standard transaction monitoring and risk classification models guarantee easy implementation.

Flexible and Adjustable

ACTICO AML software can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. Optional add-ons include ACTICO Rules and ACTICO Machine Learning, which bring you lower costs and reduced risk by preventing the need to clarify false positives.

Total Compliance

ACTICO MLDS helps financial institutions and insurers to implement and meet all national statutory requirements relating to money laundering.

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