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AML Software for Banks, Insurers and Financial Service Providers

ACTICO Anti-Money Laundering: this is the next-generation software for preventing money laundering by detecting suspicious payments, behaviour patterns and customer relationships. It was developed based on state-of-the-art technologies. With our cloud-first approach, AI-ready and flexible workflows, you are ideally equipped for the future.

Key points at a glance:

  • Automated checking of transaction or personal data against defined scenarios (Rules)
  • AI-ready: Combination of rules with machine learning processes/models
  • Operation as SaaS in the ACTICO Cloud or its own infrastructure
  • Fast software distribution and scaling when parameters/volumes change
  • APIs for integration into other systems such as the core banking system

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Key Features

AML monitoring of transactions, people and behaviour patterns

Increase security, drive innovation

Security in the fulfilment of regulatory requirements is a “must have” for compliance employees. Dashboards, intuitive user guidance and centralised case management support the specialist department in processing hits.

Benefit from technology standards

High technology standards enable fast response times for security updates and software distribution. Operation in the ACTICO cloud or in your own infrastructure offers customised scope for banks, financial service providers and insurance companies, while APIs enable rapid integration with other systems.

Classifying risks

The risk classification automatically derives a risk class from the factors customer risk (e.g. PEP property), product risk, transaction risk, country risk and sales channel risk. This can be adjusted manually if required.

Automate transaction monitoring

Depending on the customer profile, transactions and business transactions are analysed on a risk-oriented basis. The software recognises unusual transactions and generates hits.

Process AML hits

ACTICO Anti-Money Laundering supports compliance teams in processing hits with centralised case management and workflows based on the dual or multiple control principle.

Generate reports

In addition to standard reports, the ACTICO anti-money laundering software offers the option of configuring customised reports based on prepared data.

Select infrastructure

ACTICO Anti-money laundering can be implemented as a SaaS solution or in its own infrastructure. This opens flexibility for operations.

A dashboard for compliance officers

A dashboard for compliance officers: modern user interfaces typically facilitate these things: An overview of all employee tasks, priority evaluations of case portfolios and individual access to relevant cases


Combating money laundering with rules and machine learning models and increasing efficiency

Recognising conspicuous transactions and patterns with rules

ACTICO software is delivered with basic scenarios in which transaction and personal data are checked against rules. As soon as an anomaly occurs, the system generates a notification for the money laundering officers and starts a workflow for further processing of these “hits”.

Machine learning to reduce false positives and increase efficiency in hit processing

Machine learning is the innovation in compliance for reducing false positives. Machine learning models are trained automatically from historical, clarified cases. The result of the cases (matching or non-matching) is used as a label. 

Customer segmentation automatically analyses bank/insurance company data and divides customers into clusters based on their behaviour, risk profile and other factors. The analysis can automatically identify different clusters of customers and recognise certain characteristics or patterns in the data.

For banks and insurers, machine learning is an innovative, forward-looking tool that can help them reduce costs and gain a competitive edge.

The proof of concept (POC) established by ACTICO with a retail bank rubber-stamped the immense potential of AI as a means of reducing false positives in the battle against money laundering. A validation dataset demonstrated the potential to eliminate around 40% of false positive cases
You can find more details in our whitepaper: AI-powered fight against money laundering.

Learn more in our whitepaper


Reduce Costs and Risks

Utilise Standards

With ACTICO Anti-Money Laundering, business users and IT benefit from standardised software that has been successfully used by many customers. The standards are reflected in the rule creation, workflows and hit processing and enable a manageable implementation effort.

Adapt to individual requirements

The AML software can be flexibly adapted to specific requirements. Basic scenarios (rules) can be supplemented with customised scenarios, and limit changes can be easily adapted or changed via the user interface.

Relying on Expertise

Many well-known banks, financial service providers and insurance companies use ACTICO compliance solutions. ACTICO's many years of project experience, combined with the latest technology, supports customers from the financial world in successfully implementing the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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