Business Rules Management

Business rules management software enables organizations to increase agility by decoupling business logic from processes and applications. ACTICO Platform lets you model, manage and implement business rules without coding and execute them, delivering high performance

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What is Business Rules Management?

Business Agility, Constistency & Efficiency

Whether in business processes, applications or apps – expert knowledge such as policies, requirements, calculations or validations is often defined in the form of business rules. A business rules management system (BRMS) allows organizations to capture, store, manage and execute business rules independent from the applications and processes that use these business rules. The result is a significantly higher business agility, consistency and efficiency.

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Graphical Business Rules Management System

The ACTICO Rules business rules management system supports business and IT users across the entire business rules lifecycle. It reduces development efforts by up to 50 percent and change efforts by up to 90 percent.


Collaborative Software for Business and IT

Ease of Use

The graphical approach of ACTICO Platform ensures ease of use for business and IT users. It enables them to capture, manage and implement business rules transparently and without coding.

Seamless Integration

ACTICO's rules engine can be seamlessly integrated into a broad range of architectures, supporting modern architecture concepts such as the central business rules engine.

High Performance

ACTICO's rules engine is built for enteprise-grade scenarios. It supports a large variety of execution options and shows maximum runtime performance while ensuring traceability at all times.

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Central business rule engines bring agility and consistency to a new level.


Success Stories

Our powerful business rules management system is used by leading organizations around the globe.

Digital Customer Communication in Real Time

ING Germany focuses on digital customer communication in real time. The largest direct bank in Europe relies on ACTICO’s java rule engine to strengthen the involvement of business departments and meet high performance needs.

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Higher Flexibility and Automation of Credit Decisions

At TeamBank, long waits for credit decisions are a thing of the past. With easyCredit, the bank relies on automated credit scorings and ratings, which can be changed in no time at all with ACTICO’s business rule engine.

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Multi-Channel Pricing System at ASSU 2000 Insurance

Display pricing models in all sales channels, strengthen competitive position, and accelerate time to market.

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