Name Matching Customer

ACTICO NMC automatically checks new and existing customers against checklists. Regular checks ensure that you recognize high-risk individuals in your customer base and identify PEPs.

You can trust ACTICO NMC to make fast decisions on hits in sanctions and PEP lists.

  • Combination of machine learning and established algorithms
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements for sanctions list monitoring and PEP screening

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Key Features

Checks Customers Against Sanctions Lists and Identifies PEPs

Regular Checks

ACTICO NMC continuously checks the customer base against the checklists. It flags up potential new or changed heightened risk individuals and PEPs. The system also detects changes in the status of individuals who have previously been identified as heightened risk.

Ad-hoc Individual Inspection

Individual tests can be used to check natural and legal persons on an ad-hoc basis. The individual test can be seamlessly integrated into other applications, such as the onboarding process.

Clarification with Visual Comparison

ACTICO NMC supports clarification through comprehensive case management. The visual comparison of hit results improves traceability and accelerates the decision on whether there is a match.

Internal and External Checklists

The application supports checks against all common sanctions lists, e.g. EU list, OFAC list, Federal Gazette list, LexisNexis, Refinitv and Dow Jones, and it also allows you to maintain your own checklists.

The ACTICO Approach

Use Machine Learning to Prioritize Hits and Reduce Clarification Work by 40 Percent.

Machine Learning

Machine learning reduces the workload and ensures quality


Fine-grained configuration – with customizable and precisely adjustable hit configuration.

Compliance Suite

ACTICO Compliance Suite – powerful software for compliance and fraud management

Machine Learning

ACTICO Machine Learning supplements the sanctions list check with machine learning processes. It checks the hits so that they can be prioritized – reducing clarification work and increasing quality.

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ACTICO NMC has a fine-grained configuration for generating hits, which allows checks to be precisely adjusted to meet different requirements. This leads to a reduction in false positives and implements the risk-based approach.

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Compliance Suite

The ACTICO Compliance Suite is a powerful software for compliance and fraud management. All the relevant information comes together in this single application, which handles all necessary tasks, such as clarifying hits, storing documents and producing regular reports.

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Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Powerful Standard Software

With ACTICO NMC, you have all the benefits of industry-proven standard software.

Flexible and Adjustable

ACTICO NMC can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. Its fine-grained configuration and ACTICO Machine Learning optimize the system, bringing you lower costs and reduced risk by preventing the need to clarify false positives.

Total Compliance

Financial institutions and in-surers trust ACTICO NMC to help them implement and comply with regulatory requirements on sanctions list monitoring and PEP screening.

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