Next Gen Software for banks and insurances

Sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media Checks

ACTICO Customer Screening Next Generation has been developed based on state-of-the-art technologies: A cloud-first approach, AI-ready, with an intuitive user interface. Banks and insurance companies use the software for matching customer data with entries in sanctions, PEP or Adverse Media lists to fulfil their due diligence obligations.

Key points at a glance:

  • Regular checking of client records against sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media lists, as well as individual checklists.
  • Ad-hoc queries in the onboarding process
  • Operation in the ACTICO Cloud, On-Premises or in the Private Cloud
  • Use of exact and fuzzy searches
  • API integration
  • Use of machine learning models for significant reduction of false positives

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Match Customer Data with Sanctions Lists and Identify PEPs

Comprehensive matching of information

Customer Screening checks a wide range of information on natural and legal persons and matches it with data from internal or external lists.

Cost-Effective Compliance

ACTICO Customer Screening automates sanctions list checks and reduces costs through modern user guidance and the use of machine learning.

Future-proof software

New technologies like Kubernetes enable easy upgrades, scalability, dashboards, and modern enterprise security standards.

High performance with regular checks

ACTICO Customer Screening continuously checks the customer base against checklists and reports potential new or changed risk individuals or PEPs. The system also detects changes in already identified risk persons.

Speed in single checks

Individual screening allows for the immediate screening of individuals and legal entities. The single check can be seamlessly integrated into other applications, e.g. the onboarding process.

Flexibility with checklists

All common sanctions lists such as EU, OFAC lists, LexisNexis, Refinitiv or Dow Jones are provided via a regular import. The company’s own checklists can also be used for sanctions screening.

Visual comparison of results

ACTICO Customer Screening supports the clarification with comprehensive case management. The visual comparison of the hits improves the traceability and accelerates the decision of whether it is a match (hit). Stored workflows enable processing according to the multiple-eye principle.


Reduce Compliance Costs and Risks

Powerful Standard Software

Banks and insurance companies benefit from field-tested and successful standard software, which is now available as a Next Generation.

Flexible for individual requirements

The configuration can be individually adapted if a bank or insurance company has special requirements.

Fewer false positives with AI

Machine Learning - a component of AI - reduces false positives and leads to an increase in efficiency. Compliance teams can focus on the important hits and are relieved of routine work.

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Brochure: ACTICO Customer Screening

Software for matching the customer base with sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists with Machine Learning.

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AML powered by AI: Banks and insurers see great potential for savings by reducing the number of false positives. Machine Learning can act as booster by simplifying and accelerating processes.

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