Market Manipulation and Insider Trading Detection

ACTICO Capital Market Compliance software provides rules
that encompass a large number of possible scenarios with regard to market abuse and insider trading.

Pre-defined rules can be adapted by the institution itself in the software’s graphical interface or defined from scratch and then immediately made active. The aim is to identify market manipulation by clients and employees, prevent insider trading and monitor employee codes of conduct. If the trade surveillance software detects an unusual scenario, the compliance officer receives an alert for further clarification.

Key Features

Monitoring Securities Trading for Market Manipulation and Insider Trading

Monitoring Using Standard Scenarios

The automatic monitoring checks the securities orders against scenarios that indicate market abuse, breaches of rules or insider trading. It monitors orders from customers, employees and from proprietary trading. Transactions with third-party banks are included. The checks consider the underlying of complex financial instruments.

Support Clarifications

The trade surveillance software supports clarification with comprehensive case management and workflows. It triggers a clarification if it recognizes suspicious behavior patterns during its daily tracking of securities trading.

Market Manipulation Scenarios

The software triggers a clarification if conspicuous scenarios such as Wash Trades or Improper Matched Orders occur.

Digitisation when checking staff’s private share deals

The German Securities Trading Act obliges banks to record their staff’s third-party bank transactions. Manually inputting a duplicate takes several minutes. Automatic scanning, data mapping, and plausibility checks reduce the manual work time by up to 90%.

Insider Trading Scenarios

ACTICO’s trade surveillance software triggers a clarification if it detects unusual transactions or behavior patterns such as front or parallel running during its daily tracking of securities trading.

Managing Insider Lists

The software solution keeps insider lists up to date. The entries are recorded with reference to securities or companies and checked against the securities orders. Incidents of insider trading are automatically detected.

Restricted Lists, Watch Lists

The software makes it easy to maintain restricted and watch lists. It continuously checks securities orders and transactions against these lists.

Third-Party Bank Transactions

Employee transactions and deposits with third-party banks are recorded in the system by the compliance department or the employee and automatically checked as part of daily monitoring. The employee uses the system to submit a declaration of completeness for the reports.


A pre-clearance function is available for the pre-approval of a stock exchange order. Employees of financial institutions can use this to obtain approval before executing a securities transaction.

Regulatory coverage

ACTICO Capital Market Compliance was developed in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and the Market Abuse Directive (MAD II) of the EU/EEA, the technical implementing standards of ESMA and the circular of FINMA (Switzerland) on market conduct rules.


Powerful Standard Software

With ACTICO Capital Market Compliance, you have all the benefits of industry-proven standard software. It is quick and easy to implement thanks to standard models for monitoring market manipulation.

Flexible and Adjustable

The software can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Total Compliance

ACTICO helps financial institutions implement and comply with regulatory requirements in securities trading as stipulated in relevant legislation, including MAD II/MAR.

The ACTICO Approach

Digital monitoring to identify trading behavior that may prompt regulatory inquiries

Standard Rules That Are Easy to Customize

ACTICO Compliance Software is delivered with basic scenarios in which transaction data is checked against rules. Once an anomaly occurs, the system generates an alert for the compliance officer and initiates a workflow for further processing of these “hits.” Rules can be customized in the software to meet the requirements of the financial institution and take effect immediately upon changes.

ACTICO Compliance Solutions

The ACTICO Compliance Solutions Next Generation represent a the comprehensive software family for Compliance & Financial Crime Management in banks and insurance companies.

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