Combine the Powers of AI and Decisioning Technology

Seamlessly embed artificial intelligence into your rules-based business logic to deliver high-quality, auditable decisions

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Key Features

Operationalize Predictive Models at Record Speed

The ACTICO Platform does not only make use of hard fact rules, but also allows to include the power of predictive models as part of the decision logic. Combining and embedding predictive models within decision logic closes an important gap that prevents many companies from bringing predictive models into production. Predictive models just become an integral part of the decision logic. The result of a predictive model is directly fed into the decision logic and then processed further.

Combine Business Rules & Machine Learning
  • Deploy, monitor and manage any model to leverage model predictions within your business rules
  • The visual interface empowers business users to deploy AI in real time into any decisioning process, thereby reducing reliance on IT
  • A drag-&-drop editor allows you to combine machine learning and business rules, providing maximum control over how ML is applied.
  • Quickly and easily import predictive models developed in Python or H2O so that they can be natively operationalized in automated decisioning processes.
Lifecycle Management and Operationalization
  • Sophisticated lifecycle management capabilities to govern machine learning models together with rule models and to operationalize them quickly.
  • The central repository stores all models, ensures consistent version management, enables rapid changes, and improves collaboration.
  • New models can be deployed with the click of a button.
  • The ACTICO Platform provides a powerful execution engine for the fast execution of predictive models.
Stay Compliant with Explainable Machine Learning
  • Explainability and transparency are key to launching and managing a successful AI strategy. ACTICO Platform ensures that you stay on the right side of regulations with full explainability, traceability and auditability for both models and outcomes.
  • With the ACTICO Platform, companies can even explain the results of complex, black-box ML models and tell, for example, why a loan was approved or rejected.
  • Users can visualize which influence the various factors had on each individual ML prediction.
  • They thus can better understand why the ML model produced a specific result.