Banks, financial service providers and insurance companies must identify compliance risks at an early stage. Otherwise, the risk of fines and reputational damage increases. But this is not the only reason why compliance teams want to be on the safe side. Rising costs and a lack of skilled workers also require new strategies and modern software solutions.

These are the 7 most important reasons why companies from the finance and insurance industry rely on ACTICO Compliance Solutions.

  1. Cost-efficient compliance checks through digitalisation and automation and intuitive user guidance.
  2. Future-proof software based on new technologies such as Kubernetes.
  3. Easy upgrades, scalability, dashboards, and modern security standards
  4. Operation optionally on-premises, in the ACTICO Cloud (SaaS) or in the private Cloud
  5. Graphical modelling of rules with high flexibility for individual scenarios
  6. Combination of these rules with artificial intelligence, e.g machine learning procedures
  7. Audit-proof historization and high traceability of results for internal and external audits.


ACTICO Compliance Solutions Next Generation

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)


  • Monitoring transactions for potential money laundering
  • Clarification of suspicious transactions
  • Risk classification of customers

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Know Your Customer (KYC)


  • Automated KYC process
  • Continuous updating of Know Your Customer profiles
  • Integration of compliance checks into the onboarding process

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Customer Screening


  • Sanctions-, PEP and Adverse Media checks
  • Initial screening of new clients
  • Regular screening of the customer base

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Payment Screening


  • Screening of financial transactions to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Checking for embargoes, sanctions and sanctions
  • Clarification and blocking of conspicuous payments prior to booking

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Capital Market Compliance


  • Monitor for market manipulation, insider trading and trading restrictions
  • Maintenance of insider lists, watch lists and restricted lists
  • Clarification of  conspicuous securities orders

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Avaloq Core Banking System


  • Reliable cooperation of the Avaloq Banking Suite with the ACTICO Compliance Solutions
  • Fast and secure integration through standard adapter
  • Avaloq customers benefit from a standardized compliance solution

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Powerful Standard Software Solutions

With the ACTICO Compliance Solutions, you have all the benefits of a standard compliance and fraud detection software that has been tested in practice and successfully implemented. It is quick and easy to implement thanks to a range of standard models in every area.

Flexible and Adjustable

The ACTICO Compliance Solutions can be flexibly adapted to suit your specific requirements. Optional add-ons include ACTICO Rules and ACTICO Machine Learning, which bring you lower costs and reduced risk.

Total Compliance

The ACTICO Compliance Solutions helps you to comply with in-house regulations and statutory requirements on compliance and fraud management. Software modules cover the whole compliance spectrum, from customers to transactions and securities orders.


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