Solution Approach

Agility and configurability of ACTICO Business Rules Platform combined with enterprise-level scalability and flexibility of a Salesforce-based solution

ACTICO Rules Platform

Rating models and decision rules are implemented, managed, tested and deployed using a graphical no-code rules editor. The model-agnostic Platform dramatically reduces the efforts for managing and implementing internal models and decision rules.

Powered by SalesforceTM

Built natively on, the Credit Risk Platform leverages a secure, flexible and highly scalable cloud technology. The ACTICO Solution can be used standalone or integrated with a customer’s existing Salesforce org and Apps.

Managed Solution Packages

ACTICO delivers comprehensive, pre-configured solution components (managed package) to automate and streamline credit risk assessment and approval workflows.

Open APIs

The platform can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems, such as core banking, CRM and external data vendors.

Single, cloud-based solution

Available in the cloud, the solution can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device, providing a seamless experience for all internal and external users.

360-Degree Portfolio View and Reporting

A 360-degree portfolio view, reporting and dashboard capabilities help banks and FIs manage credit risk on a client and portfolio-level.

Credit Risk Platform

Discover the full suite of the Credit Risk Platform’s capabilities.

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