Financial STAtement Spreading

Automated statement spreading and analysis for enhanced risk assessment

Capturing and spreading financial statements and calculating financial ratios for credit risk assessment are key processes in commercial lending. These can be time intensive processes and lead to lengthy underwriting and processing times.

ACTICO transforms the process of spreading financials. It offers the unique possibility of combining an automated application to extract data from financial statements with a comprehensive feature set for spreading and analysis of financial statement data. This allows financial institutions to streamline the underwriting processes, increase efficiencies, and improve data quality.


Leverage built-in spreading templates and flexibly create custom templates

Faster Spreads

Increase the efficiency and accuracy by automating manual data entry


Ensure consistency, improve data quality and minimize errors

Automate financial data extraction from documents
  • Automatically extract financials from structured and unstructured financial reports
  • Proprietary algorithms and powerful OCR for high accuracy and fast data extraction
  • Supports PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, scanned low resolution, and Excel document types in any source language
Consistently capture, spread and analyze financial statement data
  • Capture financials in an intuitive, web-based application
  • Make adjustments to reported financials and add comments directly in the spreading grid
  • Calculate and analyze financial ratios using portfolio-specific off-the-shelf spreading templates or internal templates
  • Flexibly configure spreading templates on a global, portfolio or single borrower level
Integrate with risk rating models and credit decision worflows
  • Store all financial statement data in a centralized, auditable database, either on-premise or in the cloud
  • Leverage financials as input data for risk rating models and credit decisioning using the ACTICO’s solution modules (Credit Risk Rating and Credit Workflow and Origination)
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and applications using modern and standardized interfaces / APIs
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