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Credit risk management is, and will remain, the focus of intense regulatory scrutiny. To comply with stricter regulatory requirements, credit institutions overhaul their credit risk management approaches. Yet, viewing this as merely a compliance exercise is short-sighted. Improved credit risk management fulfills regulatory requirements and provides an opportunity to improve overall performance and secure a competitive advantage.

Banks must implement an integrated, quantitative and qualitative credit risk solution to reduce loan losses and ensure that capital reserves accurately reflect the risk profile. The solution should enable banks to get up and running quickly with straightforward portfolio measures and also provide a path to more advanced credit risk management measures as needs change. The solution should comprise the following elements:

Spreading and Financial Analysis

Gain valuable insights from your customers’ financial statements (e.g. the financial, profitability and asset situation of a company) to assess its creditworthiness and make sound credit decisions. ACTICO allows you to accurately and automatically assess the financial stability of your business partners through automated statement and financial analysis for enhanced risk assessment that is fully audit-proof.

Internal Ratings-based Approach for Credit Risk

Banks use Internal Ratings-Based Approach (IRBA) for credit risk models (PD, LGD, EAD) to comply with the Basel requirements for calculation of risk weighted assets and minimum regulatory capital requirements. ACTICO allows you to go beyond regulatory requirements and improve your business with cleverly managed credit risks.

Credit Impairment and Regulatory Requirements

Following amendments to financial accounting standards (e.g. IFRS9/ US-GAAP), organizations will need to generate forward-looking and lifetime credit loss forecasts for credit impairment by implementing and applying Lifetime Expected Loss Models (ECL) under IFRS9 or the US-GAAP equivalent Current Expected Credit Loss Models (CECL).

Credit Origination & Approval Processes

Fast and efficient flow of information is essential – from a proposed rating to the approval of credit applications. Utilising a workflow system helps standardise and enforce your internal credit policies. ACTICO centralises all your credit data and manages user access. Fully transparent decisions and maximum auditability for all rules and data models.

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Credit Risk Platform

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A Platform That Takes Your Credit Risk Management to the Next Level

As a credit risk manager, ACTICO’s Credit Risk Platform can alleviate the daily pressures of making numerous credit decisions while ensuring accuracy. With the software handling routine tasks, you can focus your expertise on more complex cases.

Reduced operational costs

Easily adapt to market fluctuations, regulatory updates, customer needs, and more

Powerful modeling environment

Rapid deployment and empowering business users to control their own rules

Increased evaluation accuracy

Fast implementation, plus business users are empowered to manage their own rules

Modern user experience

Cutting-edge user interface design built on innovative technology

Transparent and auditable decisions

Fully transparent decisions and maximum auditability for all rules and data models

Manage complex credit risk processes

Through enhanced and automted decision making


Credit Risk Management System for Your Industry

ACTICO is designed to meet the specific demands of your market, business, and customer needs. It addresses current industry-specific issues while being adaptable to future challenges.

ACTICO empowers your team with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop tool that eliminates the need for coding, offers flexibility, and sets industry standards – regardless of the industry you are in. A credit risk decision-making software that is tailored to manage your risks – not those of others.

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Commercial Lending

ACTICO offers a comprehensive solution for managing credit risk and meeting regulatory requirements in financial institutions. With the ability to handle various types of commercial loans including C&I, CRE, Project Finance, etc. ACTICO’s credit risk software allows for accurate assessment of risk exposures and informed credit and pricing decisions through the use of internal risk-rating strategies and expert credit scorecards. This enables financial institutions to deliver personalized service to customers while also increasing loan generation, reducing costs, and driving revenue growth.

SME Lending

Access to borrowing capital is crucial for their growth, SMEs often face the same time-consuming loan origination and maintenance processes as large commercial loans do. Additionally, SMEs expect a modern, digital banking experience. The Credit Risk Platform can automate complex procedures such as SME credit risk assessment, loan pricing, and application decision-making. It can handle thousands of loan applications in real-time, identifying high-risk loans and applications that require additional attention, allowing your business to direct resources to areas where human involvement provides the most benefit.

Asset Financing & Leasing

ACTICO’s credit risk assessment solution for asset finance and leasing companies streamlines the decision-making process to quickly and accurately determine a client’s creditworthiness. This enables lessors to provide a timely and competitive offering that fosters customer trust and efficient business operations. With the ability to consolidate and process all internal and external information relevant to valuation, including credit reports, balance sheet analyses, and payment experiences, the platform improves speed and reduces system reliance.

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