Digital Customer Engagement

The digital world is turning customer engagement upside down. Digital decisioning software enables companies to master digital customer journeys and implement personalized, consistent and fast interactions.

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Customer Engagement

End-to-End Customer Journeys


Customer journeys span all business functions from marketing and sales to operations to customer service. Customers expect situational and consistent interactions across all channels. Many companies still fail at mastering their digital customer touchpoints.


Digital decisioning helps companies determine the next best action at each customer touchpoint. It considers customer affinities and needs as well as the company's objectives and policies, and automatically triggers the best action – consistently across all channels.


Digital decisioning optimizes and streamlines all steps in the customer journey. Customers benefit from instant responses and interactions that match exactly with their needs. Companies on the other hand ensure that these actions are aligned with their goals and guidelines.


Intelligent Actions for a Better Customer Experience

Enabling 100 % Digital Customer Journeys

Operational decisions are at the core of all customer-facing actions. Companies are leveraging the best technologies available in the market to automate decisions, and thus, enable real-time interactions. These are the basis for truly digital, end-to-end customer journeys that satisfy customers and drive business growth. DMI Finance is moving towards a 100 % digital customer journey. Watch the video to learn more.

Mastering Multichannel Marketing

Today’s customers are interacting across channels facing companies with the challenge to keep control over complex multichannel experiences. With ACTICO Platform, companies can manage and automate channel-specific sales and marketing activities. These are managed by the business department to ensure maximum consistency and agility.

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Intelligent Product Recommendations

With competing offers being ever-present in the digital world, intelligent product and service recommendations are key drivers for successful customer acquisition and retention. ACTICO Platform enables companies to automatically determine products and services that match exactly with the customer’s needs and the situation. For this, it combines rules-based and AI-powered approaches with powerful automation technology.

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Buyer Journeys with Real-Time Responses

Customers expect an easy, end-to-end buyer journey without interruptions. Customers are not aware of the complex tasks that happen behind the scenes: Product configurations, risk assessments, calculations, pricing decisions and much more need to be made in real time. With ACTICO Platform, companies can automate these tasks using intelligent technologies, and embed them into their application ecosystem.

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Successful Customer Relationships and More Flexibility

Smarter Customer Interactions

Companies can implement tailor-made, intelligent applications for smarter customer interactions. These applications combine AI technology and graphical rules with powerful automation to deliver what the customer needs exactly when needed.

Greater Responsiveness

With ACTICO software, companies are able to adapt their customer engagement applications quickly as new requirements arise. They achieve a significantly greater market responsiveness which ensures that they build up and keep competitive advantages.

Seamless Integration

With ACTICO software, created customer engagement applications can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT environments. Whether service-based or via direct application integration – ACTICO reduces integration efforts.

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