ASSU 2000 Group is a French network of insurance brokers with 400 agencies and more than 560,000 customers. It offers insurance services in the fields of automobile, motorcycle, home and health as well as services in the fields of house mortgage renegotiation.

Flexibility in sales

Pricing Redesigned for Online Channels

ASSU 2000 started its search for a new global pricing system to respond to some key challenges: its new distribution channels were increasingly digitized, It faced a rapidly changing competitive environment marked by price transparency and policies that had to be flexible enough to adapt to a range of factors. This system was supposed to replace the existing inhouse price system and to reduce high maintenance efforts.


Ensure Multi-Channel Pricing

The high price sensitivity forces insurers to be adaptable and to introduce price changes to the market quickly. The ASSU 2000 project team defined the following requirements for the future pricing system:


  • Global IT system to apply the company’s pricing policy in all distribution channels
  • Ease-of-use for Marketing and Business Analysts
  • High transparency and traceability according to Solvency II

Rules-Based Pricing System

The new pricing process uses rule-based models to display the pricing in various distribution channels. Business analysts continuously monitor the insurance market. When specific criteria are met, they adjust the company’s own pricing policy.  ASSU 2000 benefits from using ACTICO Platform in the following ways:

  • Strengthened competitive position due to an accelerated time to market
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved collaboration between business and IT
  • Consistent processes across channels

Performance and ease of use


business rules in use

150 ms

for executing a pricing rule


faster than the previous application


Speeding up Pricing

The ASSU project team evaluated business rules management systems from all major commercial and open source vendors and decided in favor of ACTICO Platform. With more than 500 implemented rules, the most complicated pricing situation takes about 150 milliseconds, a fivefold reduction compared to the previous software application.

Ensure regulatory compliance for insurers

Screening millions of customer and partner data against sanctions lists.

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Automated Invoice Verification and Billing in Insurance

Swiss health insurance company Sanitas automates account auditing and payments with ACTICO Platform.

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