Flexible Pricing with a Powerful Engine

Real-time price decisions and the ability to adapt quickly are what sets companies apart from their competition. Digital decisioning software enables companies to implement flexible pricing engines for tailor-made pricing.

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Competitive Advantage Through Quick Adjustments


With its high market dynamics, price transparency and price-sensitive customers, the digital world forces companies to innovate their pricing systems. Companies need to master increasingly complex price calculations and deliver the right price instantly to the customer.


Companies use digital decisioning software to create flexible pricing engines that can be seamlessly integrated into the IT environment. These engines empower pricing specialists to design and change pricing logic on their own.


Flexible pricing engines ensure that prices are both appealing to the customer and profitable for the organization. Graphical models give more control to pricing specialists. They can flexibly adjust price models to remain competitive at all times.


Intelligent Software for Digital Pricing Scenarios

Competitive Multichannel Pricing

Today, customers are interacting with companies across various channels. Offer prices can be either uniform across all channels or vary – depending on the marketing strategy. With ACTICO Platform, companies can implement pricing engines that automatically deliver the right price in each channel. The underlying pricing logic is defined by pricing specialists and can be changed flexibly whenever needed to remain competitive.

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Tailor-Made Pricing for Digital Businesses

Competitive Pricing

Companies combine AI-powered and rules-based aspects to build their tailor-made pricing engine. Visual pricing models provide maximum transparency and control even in complex scenarios.

Flexible Adjustments

Pricing specialists are able to adjust any aspect of the pricing model quickly or add new aspects autonomously. They can deploy new price models quickly and consistently across the IT environment.

Seamless Integration

Pricing engines are often connected to various surrounding systems. ACTICO software can be seamlessly integrated into the IT environment and meets even highest performance needs.

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