Avaloq Standard Adapter

Compliance Solutions for Avaloq Core Banking System

Avaloq is a global leader in banking software, services and digital technology. And now, thanks to the partnership between Avaloq and ACTICO, Avaloq’s clients can benefit from using the compliance offering as a standardized solution to combat money laundering and financial crime.

Why it’s easy for Avaloq’s  clients to use the new compliance offering as a standardized solution to prevent financial crime:

  • All financial institutions with an Avaloq core banking system can now integrate it fully with ACTICO Compliance Solutions.
  • The Avaloq Standard Adapter manages all relevant compliance analyses.

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Key Features

ACTICO Compliance Solutions is an application that uses machine learning methods and offers multiple compliance functionalities for banks and financial services providers:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF)

The ACTICO Money Laundering Detection System (MLDS) detects unusual behaviour patterns and money laundering anomalies in payment transactions. It helps banks to carry out the risk assessment of customer relationships.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC)

Continuous monitoring of KYC profiles and risks to meet customer due diligence requirements based on KYC profiling, risk classification, beneficial ownership, integrated checks in the onboarding process.

Payment Screening – Know Your Transaction (KYT)

The ACTICO Payment Screening module checks incoming and outgoing payments before they are posted. This involves checking payments against sanctions list data such as BIC, countries and recipients. Unusual transactions are reviewed or stopped before execution.

Customer screening and PEP checks

ACTICO’s Customer Screening module automatically compares new and existing clients against checklists. Regular checks ensure that banks recognize high-risk individuals in their database and identify politically exposed persons (PEPs).

Prevention of market manipulation

The automatic monitoring of ACTICO’s MAID module checks the securities orders against scenarios that indicate market abuse, breaches of rules or insider trading.

Detection of fraud and other criminal acts

The software checks persons, transactions and securities orders using predefined compliance rules. Based on these rule sets, the Compliance Suite automatically decides whether a compliance risk exists.


Avaloq Standard Adapter

The Avaloq Banking Suite works reliably with ACTICO Compliance Solutions via a standard adapter. Avaloq’s open platform architecture makes it quick and easy to add innovative external solutions. Many Avaloq clients are already successfully using ACTICO Compliance Solutions.

Support from Machine Learning

Compliance officers define the rules used to detect unusual behaviour. ACTICO's machine learning component combines the knowledge of experts and data. Machine Learning is a module that integrates seamlessly with the business modules of ACTICO Compliance Solutions. It allows known fraud patterns to be detected more precisely and unnecessary clarifications of false positives to be avoided. Experience shows that machine learning reduces the effort required to clarify false positives by almost 60%.

Dealing with Regulatory Changes

Banks have to master complex business rules in order to meet the demanding regulatory requirements such as the 6th Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD), CDB 20 and the FINMA Money Laundering Ordinance (MLO-FINMA). The connection to ACTICO Compliance Solutions gives Avaloq’s clients additional flexibility, transparency and auditability to address the regulatory challenges associated with financial crime.

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