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Operational business decisions are high-volume transactions that are repeated many times a day. They have high potential for automation and exert a strong leverage effect on efficiency. ACTICO Platform enables companies to implement agile services and applications to automate decisions or improve human decision-making. Read more in our whitepaper “Agility through Central Decision Services”.

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Why Digital Decisioning?

Speed and Agility in the Digital World

Operational decisions are omnipresent – whether it’s evaluating risks, recommending products, calculating prices or controlling business processes. Digital business is heavily decision-centric and requires companies to make even the most complex of decisions instantly, transparently and consistently across all channels. ACTICO Platform enables companies to implement powerful digital decisioning services and applications. Whether it’s fully automated decisions based on AI and rules or workflow-based case-by-case decisions – ACTICO Platform ensures your decisions are smart, precise and traceable.

How it works

Decisioning Applications Managed by Your Business

Less Coding, More Business Agility

Business decisions need to be clear, accurate and adaptable. ACTICO’s digitial decisioning platform provides users with a drag-&-drop editor to create decision models, define business rules and embed machine learning models wherever it makes sense. This low-code development approach brings more autonomy to business users and enables them to adapt quickly to change requirements.

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AI-Driven Decision-Making

ACTICO’s digital decisioning platform uses AI to generate data-driven insights and apply them directly to operational decision-making. Powerful machine learning technology and advanced algorithms ensure accurate and rapid results. The trained ML models can be graphically embedded into decision and rule models. This visual approach offers maximum transparency, control and agility.

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Automated Decision-Making

With ACTICO Platform, companies can automatically make decisions in any business process, application or channel. Decisions can be provided as reusable web services that can be consumed by any system. Changes are possible at any time without programming and without having to wait for the next IT release. ACTICO’s decision engine can also be integrated directly into applications to meet the most demanding of performance requirements. Furthermore, it can be applied for mass data batch processing.

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Web Applications for Case-by-Case Decisions

Not all decisions can be fully automated. Some decisions require additional information or human judgement. ACTICO Platform enables companies to implement workflow-based web applications for case-by-case decision making. ACTICO’s integrated development approach ensures that each aspect of the web application can be changed quickly whenever needed.

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Make Better Decisions Faster

Individual applications

Decisions are a key lever for profitability and set companies apart from the competition. This allows businesses to implement individual applications that automatically make decisions based on the next best action.

Single point of truth

With the centralized digital decisioning approach, companies implement a "single point of truth". This is where decisions are consistently managed, improved and made available as reusable decision services across all IT systems.

Greater business agility

Digital decisioning decouples operational decisions from processes and applications. This means it is possible to make changes to decision-making in the blink of an eye – without coding and independent of IT release cycles.

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Success Stories

Our customers have built and implemented numerous applications based on our digital decisioning platform – Learn more!

Multi-Channel Pricing System at ASSU 2000 Insurance

Display pricing models in all sales channels, strengthen competitive position, and accelerate time to market.

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Digital Customer Communication in Real Time

In today’s digital world, customer requirements change rapidly in accordance with their current situation. ING relies on ACTICO Platform to create personalized customer communications that reflect this context.

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Instant Credit Decisions and Fast Adaptability

Bajaj Finance uses ACTICO software as its central credit decisioning platform. The software is seamlessly integrated with surrounding systems and empowers business users to take ownership of business logic.

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