Decision Automation with a Powerful Decision Engine

In a digital world, companies need to be agile and make data-driven decisions instantly. ACTICO’s decision engine enables companies to make smarter decisions, integrating Artificial Intelligence and Business Rules – with precision and in a traceable way.

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Why Decision automation?

Smart and Fast Data-Driven Decisions

Every day, high volumes of operational decisions have to be made along all business operations. In a digital world, customers expect real time decisions. ACTICO Platform allows companies to make data-driven decisions smarter and faster by combining AI-powered and rules-based technologies with a powerful decision engine.

How it works

Fast Decisions in a Variety of Integration Scenarios

Lightweight Decision Engine

ACTICO’s lightweight decision engine automates the execution of business rules and machine learning models. The decision engine allows customers to configure and deploy state-of-the-art architecture across a wide variety of technology environments.

  • Highly scalable decision engine for enterprise-grade performance needs
  • Integration via Java API, REST or SOAP services and batch processing
  • Monitoring and traceability of executed decisions
Cloud-Based Web Services

With ACTICO Platform, organizations provide reusable web services in the cloud. These can be used uniformly by all business processes, applications and channels. The cloud offers maximum scalability, flexibility and security.

  • Decision management & automation in the cloud
  • Highly reliable and scalable architecture
  • Secure hosting and robust disaster recovery

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Central Hub for Rapid Deployments

ACTICO Platform comes with world-class tools and components to manage the life cycle of decisioning models. Business rules and predictive models are stored and governed in a central repository – the single point of change – and deployed to production systems rapidly and consistently, supporting continuous innovation.

  • Central model repository supporting versioning and collaboration
  • Governance support across the entire model lifecycle
  • Release and deployment management including hot deployments


Master Digital Transformation with Decision Automation

High Performance

Digital businesses require end-to-end automation using scalable decisioning software. ACTICO's decision engine meets the highest performance needs that are required in day-to-day digital business operations.

Consistent Decisions

Decisions have to be made consistently and intelligently across all applications, processes and channels. Centralized decision management helps minimize redundancies and inconsistencies, minimize change efforts and ensure consistent decisions.

End-to-End Auditability

ACTICO Platform ensures full auditability from decision modeling to their execution. Audit logs help reproduce each decision that was made in day-to-day business operations.

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Success Stories

With decades of experience in decision management and automation, ACTICO can share lots of customer success stories.

Automating KYC and Onboarding Processesting

KfW Group accelerates customer profiling and onboarding by centralizing compliance applications.

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Automating Consumer Loan Decisions

TeamBank relies on ACTICO Platform to automate consumer loan decisions. The application streamlines the loan origination process and empowers business users to adapt the decision logic on their own.

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Multi-Channel Pricing System at ASSU 2000 Insurance

Display pricing models in all sales channels, strengthen competitive position, and accelerate time to market.

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