Claims Management and Processing

Intelligent claims management software allows insurers to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. With ACTICO Platform, insurers quickly implement flexible solutions for the rules-based and AI-enabled digitalization of their claims processes.

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Claims Management

Customer Satisfaction and Cost Reduction


The digital world places high demands on modern claims management. Customers expect simple ways to file their claims and a quick settlement. Insurers on the other hand need to evaluate quickly and efficiently, if claims are justified and fraud-proof, and approve or decline the claims.


ACTICO Platform allows insurers to increase automation of their claims-related processes. They use intelligent technologies such as business rules and machine learning to implement highly flexible, tailor-made claims management solutions.


With ACTICO Platform, even complex claims cases can be settled rapidly enabling insurers to respond faster to their customers. Automation helps reduce manual efforts to a minimum. Rules control the case selection for claims processing and can be changed whenever needed.


Quickly Adaptable Claims Management Software

Automated Account Auditing

Software applications for account auditing contain many and complex rules. These rules define, for example, medical service tariffs or the checking of incoming invoices – things that change frequently. The underlying decision management approach ensures that changes are possible at any time and can be made autonomously by the business department. Based on up-to-date rules, ACTICO Platform enables companies to flexibly automate their account auditing processes and ensure process quality.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Insurance

Satisfied Customers

Customers expect their insurers to settle claims as fast as possible. Digitalized claims management processes help insurers meet these expectations and improve customer satisfaction.

Reduced Costs

Process automation helps insurers optimize redundant tasks, such as assessing damage compensation claims. Insurers increase their operational efficiency, avoid errors and reduce costs.

Business Agility

Claims processing logic is designed as graphical models. Claims management specialists are able to make changes by themselves in a quality-assured way.

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