Make instant credit decisions on a robust and scalable credit decisioning engine


Flexibly implement, deploy and execute credit decision models on a centralized and scalable decisioning platform

Credit Decision Modeling


  • Use a fully graphical drag-and-drop business rules editor to design, create, and test business rules, scorecards and decision strategies
  • Integrate any existing models (e.g. ML models) implemented in industry-standard tools and languages (e.g. Python, R, H2O, SAS)

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Model Deployment and Execution


  • Seamlessly deploy new or updated risk models and decision micro services
  • Integrate into existing origination workflows and execute decision services
  • Execute bank-internal decision strategies in real-time

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Data Integration


  • Enrich data from internal data sources and systems
  • Seamlessly integrate external data providers (e.g. credit bureaus, fraud detection services)

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Decision Simulation


  • Simulate risk models and decision strategies against historical data sets
  • Evaluate different scenarios for optimized decision strategies

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Flexible configuration of decision models and strategies
  • Design, implement and test decision models and strategies using a fully graphical drag-and-drop editor
  • Version management in a centralized GIT-based model repository
  • Put the control over risk models in the hands of the business and risk management teams.
  • Seamlessly manage and integrate existing models implemented in Python, Java, R, SAS, H2O (e.g. ML models)

Rapid deployment and execution of decision models
  • Deploy and operationalize decision strategies and machine learning models in real-time
  • Seamlessly integrate decision models into existing workflows and systems using powerful standard APIs
  • Automate credit application and decision workflows
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by making fully documented and traceable decisions

Integrate internal and external data sources
  • Make smarter decisions by being fully agnostic to external data providers
  • Enrich data from external data sources such as credit bureaus and fraud identification services
  • Easily integrate external Credit Bureaus without coding
  • Monitor performance and uptime of external data services
  • Cache data for improved performance and cost efficiency

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Simulate and hone your risk models and decision strategies
  • Simulate and evaluate different decision scenarios against historical credit application data
  • Analyze the impact of model changes on a portfolio level
  • Run models in parallel (champion-challenger execution)
  • Automated testing of models for rapid deployment

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