Workflow-Based Decisioning Applications

Unclear business situations require efficient case handling. ACTICO Platform allows companies to implement dynamic, workflow-based decisioning applications that connect people and information.

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Why Decision Workflows?

Human Expertise for Case-by-Case Decisions

Automation does not make sense for all operational business decisions. In some situations, human expertise outperforms straight-through processing – for example, when investigating compliance violations, when identifying fraudulent transactions or in other unclear situations. This requires individual consideration by people on the basis of enriched information. ACTICO Platform lets companies implement dynamic, workflow-based applications for better case-by-case decisions.

How it works

Flexible Applications Based on a Powerful Platform

Dynamic Web Applications

ACTICO Platform lets you implement dynamic web applications that combine automated processing with human workflows. These applications bring together the right caseworker with the right information to make the best decision in each case.

  • Dynamic, context-driven web user interfaces and forms
  • Workflow integration supporting sophisticated worklists
  • Revision-safe documentation of all decisions made
Efficient Case Processing

Case-related decision making is more than workflow management. It also requires the management of related information, business rules, predictive models, user forms, documents and KPIs. ACTICO Platform applications combine all aspects required for efficient case processing.

  • Intelligent and ad-hoc case routing
  • Support for various simulatenous workflow versions
  • Reporting and dashboards
Graphical Business Rules Editor - Actico
Low-Code Development Platform

As a low-code development platform, ACTICO Platform enables fast and easy development of applications. Business and IT users can implement enterprise applications collaboratively. Changes can be implemented in no time at all – whether a new workflow, the change of a business rule or the addition of a new form field.

  • Integrated, graphical and model-driven application development
  • Model versioning and change management
  • Hot deployments and high scalability

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Business Applications That Change with You

Faster case processing

The combination of decision automation and human workflows ensures faster case processing and increases employee productivity. Companies optimize their responsiveness to customer requests – and with it, customer satisfaction.

Faster time to market

ACTICO Platform shortens the time to market through the integrated, low-code development approach. Powerful web applications can be created quickly and changed in no time when business requirements change.

Audit-proof decisions

The entire decision-making process is audit-proof and comprehensible. All case processing activities can be traced back. All application layers are based on versioned models that can be reproduced at any time.

Success Stories

Companies around the globe rely on ACTICO Platform to implement dynamic, workflow-based decisioning applications.

Central, Robust Application

Rand Merchant Bank uses ACTICO Platform to implement a central and robust application for IRB compliant credit risk assessment. The application is seamlessly integrated into the existing IT environment.

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Optimized Corporate Ratings

Volkswagen Financial Services relies on ACTICO Platform to optimize its corporate risk ratings. The application helps the company to stand out from the competition and ensure compliance at the same time.

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Fast Application Development

In search of a more agile and dynamic application for credit risk assessment, Maybank chose ACTICO Platform. The software reduces development and change efforts and streamlines risk rating processes.

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