Whitepaper: AI-powered fightback against money laundering

Compliance departments of banks and insurance companies have to check customers, accounts and transactions for money laundering. The soaring demands they face threaten to overwhelm staff capacity and become uneconomical.

Compliance and IT managers see great potential for savings by reducing the number of false positives and minimizing the manual processes involved. And it’s here that AI components like machine learning can act as “boosters” by simplifying and accelerating processes.

Learn more in the whitepaper

  • A glance at the statistics underlines the volatility of the money laundering issue.
  • More personnel in compliance?
  • Rules – or rather AI – to detect money laundering?
  • Can AI-only approaches be a silver bullet?
  • A powerful pair: Rules and machine learning
  • POC with a retail bank shows 40% savings potential with false positives
  • Cluster and classify customers and flag abnormal behavior more effectively
  • Make intelligent Compliance decisions

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