Machine Learning Drives AI-Powered Automation

Machine learning helps unlock valuable insights by letting computers automatically learn from data. These insights are then used to improve business outcomes. ACTICO Platform enables companies quickly generate machine learning models, combine them with business rules and operationalize both for AI-powered automation.

7 steps that lead to a successful machine learning project can be found in the fact sheet.

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"There have been numerous recent advances in technology, process and talent development. However, an alarming percentage of models developed with the intention of full deployment are never actually operationalized."

Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms,” Peter Krensky, et al, 11 February 2020

Why Machine Learning?

Data-Driven, Explainable Predictions

Machine learning allows companies to generate predictive models through automated data analysis. These predictive models can be used to optimize business outcomes in intelligent automation scenarios, such as product recommendations, fraud detection and risk management. ACTICO Platform supports companies beyond the machine learning process. Users can train predictive models quickly, manage and deploy them efficiently and execute them in the powerful ML execution engine.


Customers achieved


less credit defaults


more effective product recommendations


more efficient compliance case clarifications

How it works

Operationalizing Machine Learning

Fast and Accurate ML Model Training

ACTICO Platform incorporates leading machine learning technology for fast and accurate model training with advanced algorithms. State-of-the-art concepts such as leaderboards and grid search allow the training of multiple machine learning models. Performance KPIs and cost functions can be used to select the best performing machine learning model.

Lifecycle Management and Operationalization

ACTICO Platform offers sophisticated lifecycle management capabilities to govern machine learning models together with rule models and to operationalize them quickly. The central repository stores all models, ensures consistent version management, enables rapid changes and improves collaboration. New models can be deployed with the click of a button.

Why combine rules and machine learning?

Powerful ML Execution Engine

ACTICO Platform provides a powerful machine learning execution engine for the fast execution of ML models. A drag-&-drop editor allows business users to combine machine learning and business rules individually, providing maximum control over how ML is applied. The execution engine supports a variety of integration scenarios, including web services, direct application integration and batch processing.

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Explainable machine learning

Explainable machine learning builds trust for all stakeholders. With ACTICO Platform, companies can even explain the results of complex, black-box ML models and tell, for example, why a loan was approved or rejected. Users can visualize which factors had the greatest influence on each individual ML prediction in production. They thus can better understand why the ML model produced a specific result.


Machine Learning for Digital Business Needs

Best of Both Worlds

Companies can individually combine expert knowledge and data knowledge. They use business rules for policies, legal requirements or calculations and rely on machine learning for data-driven predictions.

Powerful in Production

ACTICO's execution engine is designed for enterprise-class automation scenarios. The engine can be integrated into a variety of IT architectures and meets the most demanding performance requirements.

Continuous Intelligence

Continuous intelligence enables companies to repeat the machine learning process automatically. This allows predictive models to be constantly improved as new data becomes available.

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