The business rule management system ACTICO Rules enables companies to separate their business logic from applications and processes. Business users adapt their business logic independently of IT release cycles. The result: higher business agility, more efficiency and better traceability.

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Why ACTICO Rules?

Ease of Use Combined with High Performance

ACTICO Rules supports business users and IT throughout all aspects of business rules management – from intuitive rule modeling to high-performance automation. The powerful business rules management system (BRMS) reduces development time and costs by up to 50%. The efforts for changes are reduced by up to 90%. Companies of all industries and sizes worldwide rely on ACTICO technology when it comes to rule-based decision automation.

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How it works

Greater business agility right from the start

Intuitive modeling

ACTICO Rules offers a highly intuitive approach to modeling and optimizing business rules. Business and IT users benefit from the graphical drag & drop editor, test-based development and high traceability when working with business rules.

  • Graphical modeling of rules and decision tables without coding
  • Rule Explorer for organizing and structuring projects
  • Test-driven quality assurance and simulation
Rapid Rule Deployments

ACTICO Rules helps companies efficiently manage and rapidly deploy business rules. The business rules management system is designed for enterprise scenarios and is suited for the company-wide implementation as a central rules engine.

  • Central repository for storage and version management of models
  • Collaborative environment for working on business rule models
  • Secure and traceable business rules management
Powerful Business Rules Engine

ACTICO Rules provides a powerful rules engine for executing business rules in a variety of IT architectures. Rule models can be deployed to the consuming applications at the click of a button – for maximum agility.

  • Rule Engine with high runtime performance and cluster capability
  • Integration as a service, via Java API and via batch processing
  • Audit-proof execution logs and statistics

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Keeping up with rapidly changing requirements


ACTICO Rules simplifies the division of tasks and coordination between the business departments and IT. Business departments implement their expertise independently, while IT provides the technical infrastructure and supports integration.


With ACTICO Rules, business rules are maintained by the business department and put into operation independently of IT release cycles. The result: significantly reduced time-to-market for innovations or changes.

Revision Safety

Each executed business rule is reported in detail in an audit trail. Decisions made are traceable and reproducible at any time - for complete audit reliability.


Central rule engines bring agility and consistency to a new level.


Success Stories

Learn more about the use of ACTICO Rules – we share some of our customers‘ success stories with you.

Digital Customer Communication in Real Time

ING Germany focuses on digital customer communication in real time. The largest direct bank in Europe relies on ACTICO Rules to strengthen its business users and meet tremendous performance requirements at the same time.

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Smart Credit Decisions within Seconds

At TeamBank, long waits for credit decisions are a thing of the past. With easyCredit, the bank relies on automated credit scorings and ratings, which can be changed in no time at all with ACTICO Rules.

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Multi-Channel Pricing System at ASSU 2000 Insurance

Display pricing models in all sales channels, strengthen competitive position, and accelerate time to market.

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