On-Demand-Expert talk

How to effectively automate financial spreading, risk rating and credit decisioning by
leveraging AI and integrated SaaS solutions

With ever-growing customer base and rising volume of financial data, banks are looking more and more for an automation solution to efficiently manage their costly financial spreading process while maintaining the accuracy of data. To discuss best practices within those challenges, we are excited, to invite you to our on-demand expert talk. Did you know that there are a lot of benefits in leveraging Machine Learning and AI to overcome challenges along the lending journey? We have partnered with Evalueserve, to show in our expert talk how to overcome challenges like manual processes that are too slow and prone to errors, disparate, isolated system landscapes or legacy systems which are difficult, and costly to maintain and keep up to date.

With more than 30 years of combined experience our speakers will show you what common obstacles lenders face throughout their lending journey and how to overcome them. Free to attend, register to secure your place at our virtual on-demand seminar and learn how to leverage new benefits of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and AI to overcome challenges along the lending journey. ACTICO GmbH and Evalueserve will provide valuable insights and help answering the following questions:.

  • What are typical challenges encountered by lenders across lending journey?
  • What is automated spreading?
  • How does automated spreading increase the efficiency in the lending process?
  • What are the key process steps for credit approval and credit risk assessment?
  • How can new technologies for risk rating and credit assessment platform help overcome the challenges across the lending journey?
  • What solution blueprints can be derived from other successful implementations in the industry?

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