RPA Report – Burning the RPA Bandwagon

Too often, IT-driven digital transformation initiatives that could deliver high value are implemented to deliver short-term efficiency gains, rather than long-term strategic benefits. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a case in point.

This report makes the case that by focusing on RPA as the key driver and metric of automation progress, organizations are short-changing themselves at best or, at worst, putting themselves at a long-term competitive disadvantage.

  • Why automating low value tasks with RPA isn’t clever
  • Long-term hyperautomation drives competitive advantage
  • Why not automate high value decisions instead?

It also argues that, in the long-term, RPA is only a small part of the holistic “hyperautomation” strategy that industry analysts at Gartner suggest organizations should be pursuing. Instead, businesses should be placing more emphasis on, for example, improving the speed and quality of key business decisions.