ACTICO X Trisilco: AI-powered Digital Decisioning Platforms (DDP)

Could AI-Digital Decisioning Platform be the next breakthrough for your Financial Institution?

ACTICO Speaker:

Volker Großmann, Co-Founder & CTO

Join our expert Volker Großmann for this on-demand webinar to learn why Digital Decisioning Platforms are critical for a bank’s or financial institution’s success in today’s digital age.

We have partnered with Trisilco to leverage the latest analyst reasearch and customer insights to answer the following questions:

  • What are digital decisioning platforms and why are they important for a financial institution’s success?
  • What are the value propositions of such a platform?
  • How to overcome the challenges in adoption of these platforms?

On the basis of concrete use cases you will also get valuable insights into how DDPs are used in the financial services sector:

  • Use case – compliance / fraud: AI/Machine Learning + Business Rules Engine integration
  • Use case – corporate lending: Apps to support complex decision processes
  • Use case – customer experience: Micro-service / Cloud deployments
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