Revolutionizing SME Financing with Banca AideXa & ACTICO Credit Decision Platform

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What seems like a vision of the future for many banks is daily business practice at Banca AideXa: Small and medium-sized enterprises receive a loan offer within minutes and have the money in their account within 48 hours. 

Banca AideXa enables fast, efficient, and transparent SME lending. However, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), open banking data, and a powerful Credit Decision Platform, banks can assess the creditworthiness of SMEs within minutes and make reliable decisions.

The combination of human expertise and automated processes is crucial here. Because if a final decision cannot be made automatically and a credit analyst additionally reviews the application, the decision-making platform must provide the credit analyst with the necessary information in a structured, understandable form.

This example illustrates the benefits of AI and open banking data for SME credit assessment and how the ACTICO Credit Decision Platform provides the foundation for this change, thus enabling cost-efficient modernization of SME financing.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How artificial intelligence (AI) and open banking through Banca AideXa contribute to the revolutionizing of online financing and promoting the growth of small businesses.
  • ACTICO Credit Decision platform for the digital decision-making process plays a central role and enables smooth data exchange and integration into existing IT landscapes.
  • How Banca AideXa’s technology enables their credit team to gain a comprehensive picture of an applicant’s creditworthiness from external data and automated assessment results.

Your Speaker

Matteo Camelia
Banca AideXa | Head of Data Science

Matteo completed his education at the renowned Galilean School of Higher Education in Padua, Italy. With many years of experience as a Project Leader at CRIF and a strong foundation in the banking industry and quantitative methodologies centred around data analysis, Matteo now heads the Data Science team at Banca AideXa. This team is responsible for various aspects including data collection, management, and analysis. Under Matteo’s leadership, there is now a focus on automation and data-driven activities. His experience enhances the proactivity of the entire strategic team.