"We needed an application that was adaptable to our needs – and that is what we got."

Iris Schrecker, Head of Group Compliance

DVB Bank Implements Compliance Suite

DVB Bank AG, the leading specialist in international transport finance, has chosen to implement ACTICO's Compliance Suite. This will allow the bank to cover a range of scenarios in the compliance environment, including anti-money laundering, identification of high-risk transactions and persons, and monitoring employee trading.

DVB Bank Values Flexibility

The bank was looking for an integrated solution that would cover the desired compliance scenarios reliably. Just as important, however, was the flexibility of the application, as Iris Schrecker, Head of Group Compliance at DVB Bank, emphasized. "We have a unique strategy focused on selected segments of the international transport market. Our business model cannot be compared with that of other banks. So we needed an application that offered the ability to adapt to our needs, and that is what the rule-based approach of the Compliance Suite and MLDS 3.0 delivers." The Compliance Suite’s powerful performance and its modular design provide adaptability to the bank’s business processes. For these reasons, DVB bank decided in favor of ACTICO.

Individual Workflows Required

The option of individually defining workflows was also critically important. "We are very international in our orientation, with locations of varying sizes that also require a variety of workflows. So the option of flexible integration in our business processes was an important criterion," she explained.

ACTICO's Compliance Suite

DVB Bank AG puts its trust in the Compliance Suite and its most important module, the anti-money laundering solution MLDS (Money Laundering Detection System). The Compliance Suite also includes products for stock market compliance, embargo monitoring of money flows, and comparison of client data against lists of suspicious persons. The compliance products from ACTICO have been deployed at many renowned banks, in particular in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany.

DVB Bank
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