About SüdLeasing

SüdLeasing GmbH is a German financial services institution, based in Stuttgart. Founded in 1970, it is wholly owned by Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. With 400 employees and 1.5 billion euros’ worth of new business in 2019, this company is the second-largest manufacturer-independent leasing company in Germany.

Removing obstacles

Increasing efficiency through digitization

In view of ever-shorter innovation cycles and volatile economic development, innovation decisions must be made at shorter notice today than ten years ago. Inflexible legacy systems often hinder this, such that process improvements and new services take a lot of time and expense to implement – if they can be implemented at all. SüdLeasing therefore decided to make a radical clean break and switched to a modern flexible platform from ACTICO. This is an example of how digitizing essential decision-making processes can improve the efficiency of business operations and significantly reduce processing time.


Acceleration through automation

Legacy systems were necessitating a lot of manual activity during the processing of financing applications. Media disruptions and fragmented processes had resulted from evolved, disparate systems. The considerable manual effort was causing high costs and delaying the decision-making. These problems could not be solved within the existing application landscape. Simpler, consistent processes had to be implemented, as a prerequisite for accelerating request processing through partial or full automation. This meant replacing the legacy systems with a contemporary solution.


Flexible platform in the company’s own hands

ACTICO’s Credit Risk Management Platform, in combination with suitable modules, is the appropriate solution with which to simplify and accelerate credit risk management. While bringing acceleration and increased efficiency to business operations, it also ended the dependence on the software supplier, so SüdLeasing can now set its own pace when it comes to innovation.


Faster decisions – greater customer satisfaction

For 80 percent of submitted credit requests, SüdLeasing can now present a decision and detailed offer within 48 hours on the basis of its risk cockpit. For more complex cases, which previously took up to six weeks, the processing time has been reduced to two weeks.

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