About Westfaelische Provinzial

Westfälische Provinzial Insurance is a property and casualty insurer headquartered in Germany. Its 1.8 million customers include private individuals, commercial and industrial enterprises as well as institutions and farmers.


Managing Claims Processes

The „Process Automation“ project was intended to form the architectural basis of business process management. A central challenge was to ensure process agility and flexibility necessary in an insurance environment. Any deviation from the standard process posed an information technology challenge. Changing complex processes defined with Business Process Management on short notice was no simple feat.


Flexibility & Process Automation

Claims processes are core to the insurance business, and it is critical that they can adapt rapidly to regulatory or other external factors.


  • Ensuring flexibility in processes
  • Using rules as webservices
  • Automating claim processes and fraud detection

Business Rules Management

The solution to the problem was business rules management. With the aid of rules technology, the review and decision logic would be graphically modeled at each process stage as a set of rules, and then made available and executed as a web service at runtime. The use of dynamic rule services ensures increased agility of processes and a short time to market for changes within those processes. Applications are:

  • Rules-based checks within vehicle glass damage processes
  • Fraud detection through rules-based calculation of score values
  • Digitization of processes triggered within the customer portal

Execute Business Rules as Web Service

For the insurance group, the features that really tipped the scales in favor of ACTICO were the highly flexible decision logic system, which was available as a web service, and the intuitive graphical approach that is easy for users without in-depth IT knowledge to create, manage, and optimize business logic.

Business Rules in insurance processes

In the future, ACTICO Rules will be implemented into other applications.

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