Digital customer communication in real time with business rules and big data

"We focus on relevant offerings and helpful services that meet our customers' needs. The personalized customer communication is transferred to the digital channels."

Florian Stollenwerk, specialist for new media at ING-DiBa



- Personalized, needs-based customer communication in digital banking


- Combination of predictive analytics, big data and business rules

- Optimized inclusion of the business department


- High relevance in customer contact

- Fast implementation of sales and marketing measures

- Project received 3 awards

Digital transformation as a trigger

Be it for product information or services, customers expect the digital channels to provide the same level of individual communication that they are already familiar with from personal contact with their bank advisors. [...] Simple graphical banners displayed in the online banking portal require well thought-through communication and the coordination of a variety of systems.

Predictive analytics, big data & business rules in action

To implement the requirements, ING-DiBa opted for a combination of predictive analytics, big data and business rules management. Predictive analytics ensure the selection of the optimal database, big data enables the processing and use of large amounts of data in real time, and business rules management selects and controls optimal content.

ACTICO Rules is the logical heart of the system."

- Florian Stollenwerk, ING-DiBa -

The project has won several awards

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