Credit Risk platform

ACTICO’s Credit Risk Platform is a state-of-the-art software solution offering credit risk analysis and management on a secure, cloud-based platform.

Do you have a legacy risk rating solution in place and are looking for a replacement? ACTICO has you covered!

Integrated Financial Spreading Module

Gain insights with our integrated financial spreading module. Easily capture, spread, and analyze financial statements, empowering informed decision-making.

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Workflow-Enabled Rating Model

Streamline rating model execution with our workflow-enabled system. Conduct qualitative and quantitative risk assessments effortlessly, while facilitating multi-stage approval processes tailored to different organizational roles.

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Borrower and Borrower Relationship Management

Optimize borrower management with our comprehensive solution. Effortlessly track borrower information and interactions, enhancing overall relationship management effectiveness.

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Full Audit Trail at Design-Time and Runtime

Ensure transparency and compliance with our robust audit trail feature. Track all system actions at design-time and runtime, enhancing accountability and risk management efforts.

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Flexible Integration of Bank-Internal Rating Models

Our solution offers seamless integration for bank-internal rating models of any complexity. Experience smooth integration, regardless of model sophistication or quantity.

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Built on the Salesforce™ Platform

Our solution is built on the SalesforceTM platform, offering a secure, scalable, and multi-tenant cloud-based environment. Experience reliability and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of modern banking operations.

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We have successfully successfully migrated legacy-based rating platforms for various customers.


Manage credit risk analysis and credit decision workflows on a flexible and secure platform

ACTICO Credit Risk Platform Dektop and Mobile UI

Secure, scalable, multi-tenant cloud solution

Built on the SalesforceTM platform, the ACTICO Credit Risk solution offers banks and FIs a secure, highly flexible cloud-based solution to increase the efficiency and speed of risk assessment processes.

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Flexible, graphical business rules engine

Internal rating models and decision rules are implemented, managed, tested and deployed using a graphical no-code rules editor. The centralized platform supports the implementation of rating models of any number, type and level of complexity.

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Plug-and-play, pre-integrated Credit Scorecards

The platform comes pre-equipped with some of the industry’s leading credit Scorecard tools, which can be used standalone or in combination with internal scoring and rating models.

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Based on our experience with these migrations, we have compiled some common questions & answers


The risk rating models of our bank are IRB-compliant. Do I need to adapt the models or require approval by the regulators when using a new software platform?

No, we can replicate the existing rating model / logic in the new system. Using a powerful regression testing capability, we can verify that the new rating system delivers the same restults. The Credit Risk Platform has a comprehensive features-set to ensure the auditability and security of the rating system.

How does ACTICO handle the migration of risk rating data?

We support the data migration of historical data, such as risk ratings, financial spreads using a data migration tool which is agnostic to the legacy system in place.

How are the bank’s existing risk rating models integrated?

The models can be implemented using a graphical, no-code editor. Model changes are subject to a comprehensive audit trail and versioning concept. Alternatively, it is also possible to integrated pre-existing models, e.g. models which exist in Python and/or R.

What are technical possibilities to connect to existing risk rating systems?

The Credit Risk Platform can be seamlessly and bi-directionally integrated with a bank’s existing on-premise and cloud-based systems.

What is a typical time frame for a migration?

The time frame for migrating is dependent on various factors such as the number and complexity of rating models, reporting requirements, and integrations with internal or external systems. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and timelines for a possible system migration.

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