ACTICO Rules – Tools & Components

Benefit from mature tools and components that incorporate years of experience

General Information

Tools & Components for Intuitive Business Rules Management

ACTICO Rules, ACTICO's Business Rules Management System (BRMS), incorporates the experience gained from hundreds of projects and more than 18 years of development history. Its tools, components and underlying architecture have been tested in a variety of applications, further developed, enriched with features and standard interfaces and transported to state-of-art technologies and libraries. Our aim is a flexible architecture that meets all your requirements in terms of integration, scalability, extensibility and operation.

ACTICO Modeler

ACTICO Modeler provides intuitive graphical tools for creating, organizing and testing business rules. It is therefore equally suitable for business and IT users.

Create business rules

Create decision tables or flow rules with an easy-to-use rule editor. Structure rules hierarchically and compare rule versions graphically. Drag & Drop, wizards and automatic completion of rule expressions facilitate work for all kinds of users – from business users to IT experts.

Organize & test business rules

Reuse rules across project and team boundaries. Analyze dependencies between rules, dissolve them or analyze rule data usage. You can define and organize test cases, run tests and highlight deviations from expected results. Trace rules in single steps and display execution statistics from tests or from production use.

Integrate data, systems & more

Existing data models can be imported easily from various sources or they can be derived automatically from business rules. You can connect external systems or extend modeling options to include user-defined functions, services or actions. Executable rule artifacts are generated at the press of a button.

ACTICO Team Server

ACTICO Team Server delivers tools and process support for the centralized management of your business rules. This enables business and IT departments to collaborate efficiently.

Efficient teamwork

ACTICO Team Server coordinates simultaneous rule processing by multiple authors. You can centrally store and version business rules and accompanying documents and search central rule repositories for reusable business rules, models or projects.

Wide-ranging governance

Governance functionalities for version, dependency, change and build management support you along the entire life cycle of your business logic. Among other things this includes version comparison and control, auditing, monitored user coordination, automatic quality assurance as well as quality assured handover of new versions into distributed environments.

Web-based administration

The web front-end offers convenient administration capabilities to configure read and write permissions (ACLs) for users, groups and tenants. Create build jobs, provide them for execution and access artifacts and test protocols in the build history.

ACTICO Execution Server

ACTICO Execution Server offers a sophisticated and central environment to provide and run business rules for different applications on any platform.

Dynamic rule services

Provide executable business rules via web services and exchange rules dynamically on the fly. But you can also use various rule versions simultaneously by customizing meta data like validity period or tenants.

Scalable operation

Execution Server enables maximum throughput thanks to sequential, stateless rule execution. You can increase the performance by using multiple Execution Servers parallelly – also in a cluster.

Traceable execution

Configuration capabilities offer traceability at any time: you can configure the logging of rule execution as well as the statistics for auditing. By visualizing execution statistics in the Modeler, you achieve maximum traceability.

ACTICO Builder

Builder is either integrated into the ACTICO Team Server or used as a stand-alone tool to automate the building, testing and deployment processes.

Automated build process

You can fully automate and configure the build process and launch it automatically or manually in a time- or event-triggered sequence. Ant tasks and Maven plug-ins are provided for seamless integration into build processes and handoff procedures.

Centralized code generation

Automatically validate business rule models and generate executable Java code and service interfaces. Rule artifacts can be packetized as a Java Archive (JAR) and as a Rules Archive.

Rule management & deployment

Convenient functionalities like check-in/-out, tagging, creating and populating rule versions support the management of your rules. Deploy rules via hot deployment without downtime and safeguarded by access permissions (ACLs).

ACTICO Runtime & ACTICO Execution Core

Runtime enables the direct execution of business rules as part of a Java application. ACTICO Execution Core provides additional opportunities for dynamic deployment of different rule versions at runtime.

ACTICO Runtime

ACTICO Runtime provides libraries (JARs) for executing business rules in a Java runtime environment. Using a Java API, rules can be integrated directly into Java applications and also run offline without a centralized server infrastructure.

ACTICO Execution Core

ACTICO Execution Core loads any number of rule versions dynamically at runtime and makes the rules available for uninterrupted execution. ACTICO Execution Core uses a Java API to support dynamic loading and saving via artifact storage that can be operated along with ACTICO Execution Server and ACTICO Batch Platform.

ACTICO Batch Platform

With ACTICO Batch Platform, you can use your business rules from interactive scenarios in batch processing.

Rule-based processing

ACTICO Rules enables business users to create batch jobs autonomously. For batch processing, the processing strategies are modeled as additional rules. For bulk data processing, the rules are then distributed and executed in parallel.

Create & configure

Provide pre-defined rule and data structures for batch processing by using corresponding ACTICO Modeler plug-ins. Achieve maximum flexibility by defining processing strategies and aggregating results on the basis of rules. The used XML Spring Batch Domain Language offers extensive configuration options for batch processing.

Run & integrate

You can start, stop or monitor the job execution via command-line interface and you can execute steps sequentially or concurrently. Configurable threads and cluster components support volume data processing in distributed environments.

ACTICO Database Integrator

Our ACTICO Database Integrator plug-in extends ACTICO Modeler to include powerful database actions. This means that business rules can access databases directly and perform arbitrary database operations.

Direct data access

ACTICO Rules allows you to access data directly from your rules. For this purpose, convenient actions are provided for all database operations. You can access multiple databases simultaneously via JDBC and JINDI or you can execute dynamic queries with parameterized SQL statements.

Transaction control

You can explicitly control local transactions directly in the rule model. For this purpose, Database Integrator offers actions to commit and rollback transactions. Global transactions can be controlled via Java Transaction API on Java EE application servers.

Data import

You can use a wizard to create data types directly from database tables or queries. The data objects created can be used instantly in the business rule modeling process.

Make Better & Faster Decisions

Companies from all over the world rely on ACTICO Rules to make decisions that are critical to their success. Intuitive modeling, centralized and collaborative rule management, performant execution and automated build processes are some of the key features. We will be pleased to discuss with you how you can optimize your decision management with ACTICO Rules.