Increase business agility and efficiency by decoupling business logic from applications and processes.


Graphical Business Rules Management System

ACTICO Rules is a powerful business rules management system (BRMS) with a unique graphical approach. It supports business and IT users throughout the entire process of authoring, managing and automating business rules. This way, companies can give more control and agility to their business – in a secure and transparent way.

Give more control to the business experts

Adapt quickly to changing business requirements

Make consistent decisions in a transparent and explainable way

How it works

Business logic is modeled and optimized graphically

Business Rules Modeling

ACTICO Rules is a BRMS with a unique graphical approach for modeling and optimizing business rules. It provides business and IT users with a high ease-of-use, full transparency and traceability when authoring and maintaining business rule models.

  • Graphical modeling of rules-based logic instead of coding

  • Test-driven quality assurance and simulation

  • Comprehensive governance support

Are you interested in the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard?
ACTICO Platform fully supports the DMN standard. Learn more >>

Business Rules Management

With ACTICO Rules, companies benefit from an efficient management and secure deployment of business rules. The business rules management system is designed for enterprise scenarios and can perfectly be used as a central rule engine.

  • Central repository for managing rule models with their versions

  • Collaborative environment for joint work on business rule models

  • Secure and traceable business rules management

Collaborative, secure and traceable business rule management
Rule engine allows traceable, high-performance automation

Business Rules Execution

ACTICO Rules has a highly scalable, high-performance business rule engine at its core. Rule models can be deployed with a click of a button which enables high business agility.

  • Rule engine for automated rule execution with high performance

  • Rule execution as web service, as Java code or via batch processing

  • Audit-proof traceability of executed business rules

Key Features

Graphical Modeling

Business users and IT professionals use the configurable ACTICO Modeler tool for intuitive graphical modeling, documentation, analysis and quality assurance of rules, business decisions or state flows.

Business Rule Engine

Rules and decisions are automated efficiently based on a high-performance execution core, the business rule engine. Each executed transaction is documented in a detailed way.

Central Model Repository

Business rules are managed in a central repository. Distributed teams use the BRMS to collaborate efficiently and provide the rules centrally for reuse – including full audit logs and access control.

Testing & Simulation

Comprehensive test management and simulation capabilities support users at assuring quality and avoiding risks. The test-driven approach ensures that only correct business rules reach production.

Analytic Capabilities

Users gain new insights by using execution statistics or dependency diagrams. Predictive decision tree models can be imported via PMML allowing you to transfer analytic results directly into an executable rule model.

Version Management

Our comprehensive change and version management supports you even in very complex scenarios. It enables you to deploy different rule versions dynamically during runtime.

"ACTICO Rules allows us to quickly and flexibly model rules without programming skills."
David Leong, Director Wealth Management, UBS Hong Kong


Business-IT Alignment

ACTICO Rules supports your division of tasks and the alignment of business and IT. Business departments realize their expertise independently while IT provides the technical infrastructure and assists during integration.

Time to Market

Rules and decision models are maintained in the BRMS by business professionals and implemented independent from IT release cycles. This accelerates time to market for innovations or modification significantly.


Automating operational decisions results in an increased efficiency throughout the entire company. This systematic digitization reduces process costs and raises productivity.


Business decision rules are created and managed hand in hand with associated regulatory requirements. Visual models simplify familiarization and improve transparency of relations and dependencies.


Each executed transaction is documented in a detailed audit-trail. Thus, decisions made are traceable and reproducible at any time providing full revision-safety.


By saving all executed decisions ACTICO Rules establishes the basis for analyzing and optimizing the underlying models continuously. Thus, potentials for improvement are identified easily and realized rapidly.

Reduce development time & cost

As a unique collaboration platform, ACTICO Rules has shown to reduce development time and costs by up to 50 %, while cutting maintenance time and costs by up to 90 %. ACTICO's business rules management system supports the clear separation of roles between business and IT departments, creating a new model of collaboration within companies and beyond.

We look forward to introducing you to our BRM technology, talk with you about your application scenarios and answer your questions.