Rule-Based Commission Accounting at DZ PRIVATBANK


DZ Bank uses ACTICO Rules for commission accounting

atori, a specialist for the implementation of process optimizing mechanisms in the area of archiving, process control and document management (mailbox), implemented a commission accounting system for DZ PRIVATBANK (Suisse) AG. In doing so, ACTICO Rules finance was employed as a tool for the rapid development of business logic.

Initial Situation

The previous accounting system for commissions was inflexible in terms of setting parameters and limited with regard to integration with other systems. The current structure of the present calculation modules was also too complex to react promptly to the changing world of banking, for example by introducing new products.


DZ PRIVATBANK was looking for a software for commission accounting that meets a series of requirements:

Mapping of different terms and conditions

Mapping of special agreements

Mapping of very complex commission models

Openness and flexibility with respect to mapping (bank and insurance)

Simulation of new products and their commission models

Automated accounting, controlling and reporting

Specific Challenges

In order to achieve the objectives various business, technical and project-specific challenges had to be obtained:

Short implementation time for the project of only 3 months until "going live"

Transition to flexible products and parameters

Simulation process based on different use cases

Open and technologically long-term applicable architecture platform

The Solution

From the start atori GmbH and DZ PRIVATBANK (Schweiz) AG backed an implementation that allowed a high degree of flexibility for all requirements. In doing so, it was essential to choose an architecture that made it possible for business model parameters to be designed and at the same time also display simulations.

The flexibility was achieved through the use of ACTICO Rules. This Business Rules Management System is a tool for graphically modeling business logic for Java architectures. In the project business rules were developed separately from application logic. This allowed the solution to be achieved with a level of transparency and maintainability previously not possible.

Rule code is automatically generated from the models developed and integrated into the application. At the same time atori's JAS creator establishes the connection between back-end systems and the application. This enables flexibility with respect to rule based application development and the underlying source systems. Reaction to changes and alterations can now be done quickly.

Roland Greber, Project Management at DZ PRIVATBANK, confirms: "The architecture and solution recommended by atori gives us the possibility of efficiently, inexpensively and effectively checking and implementing new products, models and strategies. atori proved to be a competent and pragmatic partner who is completely goal-oriented."

Products Used

JAS creator

Integration tool from atori GmbH. The tool both integrates ACTICO Rules and makes sure that all systems (legacy, source systems etc.) can be integrated flexibly.


ACTICO's graphical Business Rules Management System that supports companies in efficiently integrating business logic into applications.

DZ Bank
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