ACTICO Modeler 8 available with full DMN support

ACTICO Modeler 8 is available now. With the jump to version 8, our Decision Management Suite provides full support for the Decision Model and Notation (DMN). Decision modeling with the OMG® DMN standard allows companies to holistically model decisions with even greater transparency. Of course, this exciting new feature is in addition to continued support of your existing business rules. ACTICO Modeler 8 provides:

  • Powerful DMN modeling and execution capabilities

  • Highest conformance (level 3) with the OMG® standard specification

  • Investment protection for your existing business rules

ACTICO Modeler 8 overview

Besides the classic business rules projects, ACTICO Modeler now also provides DMN projects. Users continue to benefit from the well-known, intuitive modeling approach. Some exemplary features are:

  • Building Decision Requirements Diagrams (DRDs) using drag & drop

  • Support for multiple DRDs in one decision model

  • Support for all boxed expressions and full FEEL

  • Validation of DMN models and listing of detected problems in a problem view

  • Transparent definition of decision services

ACTICO Modeler 8 DMN Support

DMN drives standardization and automation

With Decision Model and Notation (DMN), companies standardize and optimize how they define and automate operational decisions. It allows business and IT users to define requirements and implement decisions collaboratively. They benefit from:

  • Graphical and analytical view on decisions and their dependencies

  • Vendor-independent, open OMG® industry standard

  • High flexibility through independency from processes and applications

  • Consistent decisions through reusable decision models

  • Automated execution of decision models

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Decision Modeling with DMN

If you are new to DMN, you might benefit from our on demand-video. Decision Management expert James Taylor gives you an interesting introduction into decision modeling with DMN.