Hiltermann to speed up leasing decisions with ACTICO Credit Risk Platform

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The Hiltermann Lease Group has taken a pioneering step to significantly reduce the time it takes to decide on leasing applications. With the new ACTICO Credit Risk Platform, the leading car leasing provider wants to revolutionize its service for SMEs and set new standards for efficiency in the industry. 

Hiltermann’s cloud-native and highly configurable ACTICO Credit Risk Platform, which is based on Salesforce™, will enable them to react flexibly to market opportunities and plan their business activities efficiently by making quick financing decisions. Hiltermann is taking further steps towards the end-to-end digitization of the entire application process and a further step with ACTICO, whose Credit Decision Platform Hiltermann already uses to automate its lending guidelines.

Modern cloud platform enables the fastest possible leasing for SME customers

“ACTICO is a competent and experienced partner for software solutions. This is one of the reasons why we want to shape the future of our risk performance. We can fully customize the ACTICO solutions to our needs: Data connections, workflows and user interfaces can be flexibly configured while also a comprehensive set of standard components is available. With this very modern technology package, we can offer our customers even faster, simpler, and more flexible leasing solutions,” explains Petra Jansen op de Haar, Chief Operating Officer at Hiltermann Lease Group.

From request to allocation: ACTICO Credit Risk Platform harmonizes leasing application processes

The ACTICO Credit Risk Platform orchestrates the different steps of the credit risk assessment required to apply for and conclude a leasing contract. The platform allocates the application to specific workflows, gathers data from internal and external resources and calculates initial validation rules. Afterwards, company- internal policy rules and scores, supported by third-party data, are used to evaluate the risk structure of the engagement. If the application is approved, contract documents are created while leveraging modern e-signature tools. The process coordinates Hiltermann resources, its customers, and possible intermediaries.

Hiltermann Lease Group further expands its competitive position in the leasing market

The investment in ACTICO’s software-as-a-service solution for credit risk management underlines Hiltermann’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. By accelerating decision times, the company is enhancing its offering and strengthening its reputation as a leading provider of leasing services

About Hiltermann:

Hiltermann Lease is the bank- and brand-independent leasing partner for mobility and business assets, focusing on both operational and financial leasing of cars and commercial vehicles, as well as financing of business assets. With a portfolio of more than 45,000 lease contracts, Hiltermann Lease is among the top 10 car leasing companies in the Netherlands.